Mohyan Shaishai

Mohyan Shaishai is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Mohyan Shaishai is considered to be the greatest and most skilled Saiseiya in the world. He is also one of the four Gourmet National Treasures and the master of fellow Saiseiya Pukin. He is currently working with NEO, a mysterious organization currently in rivalry with the IGO and the Gourmet Corps.


At some point in the past he took Pukin as his apprentice Saiseiya. He was also recognized as one of the Four Gourmet Living National Treasures of the world. He disappeared from the public eye at some point in the recent past.


Mohyan Shaishai is a secondary antagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


It is unknown where Mohyan Shaishai's original loyalty lay, but shortly before his introduction into the story, he was revealed to have joined the antagonistic organization known as NEO.


Mohyan Shaisahi is a man of fairly short height and a somewhat hunched back. His face is rather odd and appears to almost unnatural, perhaps in a similar fashion as Tengu Brunch. He has numerous prominent wrinkles on his face and a very broad nose. His hair including his bear is mostly fashioned into cylindrical drill-like shapes.


Due to only appearing once so far, Mohyan Shaishai's personality is still not entirely clear, but he seems to be a passionate, high spirited man.


Joa - Seemingly the two share a casual relationship. They were seen speaking about the future of NEO together. It does not seem like Mohyan Shaishai is one of the NEO members under the control of Joa, perhaps because of his own immense power.

Pukin - Mohyan Shaishai's apprentice. She respects him greatly, but presumably does not know of his affiliation with NEO.

Story Arcs

Four Beast Arc

Although not revealed until the Cooking Festival arc, Mohyan Shaishai was indeed the one responsible for reviving the Four Beast.

Cooking Festival Arc

Mohyan Shaishai makes his first appearance towards the end of the arc. He spoke with Joa about the Final Land, then departs with him and the rest of NEO towards their ship to celebrate their achievements.

Power & Abilities

Mohyan Shaishai is considered to be the Greatest Saiseiya in the World. He is held in the same esteem as National Treasure Setsuno and National Treasure Chin Chinchin and is appropriately a National Treasure Himself. He is capable of and was responsible for the revival of the Four Beast.

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Name: Mohyan Shaishai
Name: モーヤン シャイシャイ
Romanji: Mōyan Shaishai
Gender: Male
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