SaiMoe: Return of the Lead Heroines

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 Only two days left for the first brackets, eeee! Data via

Today's Battles: 8/30

Yoshika Miyafuji
Yoshika Miyafuji
Saki's titular mah-jongg player scored 600 votes, taking home an easy first place. The closest second was Ga-Rei Zero's Kagura with 371, and another Saki girl in third-- Yumi Kajiki, with 167 votes. Utawarerumono's Eruru won yesterday, so hopefully Utafans won't take Karura's mere 72 votes too badly.

Strike Witches' Yoshika Miyafuji won her bracket by even more, taking home 659 points and beating Da Capo's Sakura Yoshino by nearly 500. Minamike's Atsuko and Kyou no Go no Ni's Natsumi Hirakawa sat back, sipped some coffee, and traded notes about their insane classmates rather than try for a win.

Nagi Sanzenin
Nagi Sanzenin
Miyako Miyamura
Miyako Miyamura
But it's Combat Butler Hayate's rich tsundere Nagi Sanzenin who took home the most votes overall today: 687. She beat Macross F's Sheryl by 480 points, and Detective Conan's Ai Haibara by exactly 500. Chaos;Head's Kozue Orihara? Nagi had 603 more points than her. That's gotta hurt.

Ef's Miyako Miyamura's win was less dramatic-- she earned a solid 438 votes --but who can complain? Second place went to Onegai My Melody's Kuromi, and 15 votes behind her was TokiKake Girl's Imo-chan, who was a mere 40 points behind last place, Lucky Star's Ayano Minegishi.

Tomorrow's Battles: 8/31

  1. Saki's MAKO SOMEYA vs Negima's SETSUNA SAKURAZAKI vs Strike Witches' SANYA V. LITVYAK vs Strawberry Marshmallow's MATSURI SAKURAGI
  2. Saki's NODOKA HARAMURA vs Akikan!'s BUDOKO vs To Love-Ru's YUI KOTEGAWA vs Maria-sama ga Miteru's YOSHINO SHIMAZU
  3. Hyakko's AYUMI NONOMURA vs Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka's NAGOMI SHIRAISHI vs Saki's SATOMI KANBARA vs Higurashi no Naku Koro ni's RENA RYUUGUU
  4. Saki's TOMOKI SAWAMURA vs Shugo Chara!'s MIKI vs Fresh Pretty Cure!'s LOVE MOMOZONO vs Combat Butler Hayate's MRS. KATSURA

My predictions: Setsuna is a major Negima lead while Sanya is a lesser Strike Witch but is suuuuuper moe; I'd bet on one of them. I'll bank on Nodoka for her bracket, aaaand Rena is most likely, but it's hard to count out Saki characters. As such, I'd expect Tomoki to take the last bracket...unless the recently-introduced matriarch of the Katsura family, whose popularity was instant, snatches the victory.

Your Turn!

Let's talk about tomorrow, shall we? What do you think will happen in these battles, which mostly feature less-popular shows or less-popular characters (with a few exceptions)? All four battles have Saki characters in them-- do you think it's possible that Saki will sweep tomorrow?
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I think a sweep is pretty unlikely.
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