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Moe is a anime/manga concept
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Agaliarept is a high class demon who is an otaku and a moe expert and First President of the Underworld Dark Moe Anime League.


Ai is Marie's daughter in the Sengoku Collection anime series. She is the person who invites Basho Matsuo to work at the bar.

Ai Hoshimiya

Ai Hoshimiya is a member of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

Ayano Minegishi

Azusa Nakano

The newest member of the Light Music Club. She's an excellent guitar player and is very devoted to playing music. She's not fully comfortable with the club's very laid back attitude.

Bashou Matsuo

This incarnation of Bashou Matsuo appears in the Sengoku Collection anime series as a traveling poet who takes up residence at the Far End Cafe.

Bokuden Tsukahara

This incarnation of Bokuden Tsukahara appears in the Sengoku Collection anime series as a sword instructor.

Chibi Chibi

Chibi Chibi is a small mysterious girl who appears in Sailor Moon Stars. She can transform into Sailor Chibi Moon.

Eitaro Sakuma

Eitaro Sakuma is apart time teacher at Magician's Academy and a rabid otaku of games and moe culture.


A demon that serves Laharl along with Flonne in his journey to reclaim the demon overlord throne

Feiris Nyannyan

Mayuri Shiina's co-worker who also works at the May Queen maid cafe.


A clumsy assassin sent to kill King Krichevskoy, she ends up befriending Laharl and Etna.

Fuko Ibuki

A first year student at Tomoya's school, Fuko spends her time carving and handing out wooden starfish in order to promote her elder sister's wedding.

Fumina Konoe

Mysterious girls that transfers to Yuji and Shana´s school at the beginning of the second season. Innocent and extremely rich, she has a creepy resemblance with Hecate from the Bel Masqué.

Gennai Hiraga

This incarnation of Gennai Hiraga appears in the Sengoku Collection anime series as a scientist.

Hagumi Hanamoto

The shy, nervous 18-year-old that acts and looks much like a younger person. She's the most gifted artist of the group.

Hayate Ayasaki

Hayate is a combat butler for the Sanzenin family with a debt of about 150 Million Yen that he has yet to repay.


One of five characters in Senran Kagura anime series.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi

This incarnation of Hideyoshi Toyotomi appears in the Sengoku Collection anime series as a rice fanatic.


Kohaku's twin sister who along with her sister is one of the maids in the Tohno Mansion.

Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru Tomoe is a character in the anime/manga Sailor Moon. She is Sailor Saturn and the last to join the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Saturn is known as the Messiah of Silence, and it is feared she will destroy the world if awakened. She wields the Silence Glaive.

Ieyasu Tokugawa

This incarnation of Ieyasu Tokugawa appears in the Sengoku Collection anime series as a rising pop idol.

Illyasviel von Einzbern

A German aristocrat who came to Japan to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War. She is the Master of Berserker and has excellent control of him.

Kanata Sorami

A young girl who joins the army as a bugler.

Katsuki Shima

A character from the Clannad After Story series

Ken Akamatsu

Ken Akamatsu is the Love Hina creator.

Kobato Hanato

Komoe Harumachi

Kotomi Ichinose

Kotomi is one of Tomoya's schoolmates, but in a different class. She is extremely intelligent, and is in the top ten for every subject throughout the whole country. Kotomi enjoys playing the violin, but is so bad that she inflicts pain to anyone who listens to it.


Main character of Marine A Go-Go

Matsuri Sakuragi

The shyest person of the group and best friend of Ana.

Mikuru Asahina

A cute, buxom high school student / time traveler, and Kyon's love interest.

Mint Clark

Mint is Mr. Clark's granddaughter.

Mio Akiyama

Mio is Ritsu's best friend and is convinced to join the 'light' music club. She seems to know a lot about music and plays Bass.


A young girl from a poor family, who became part Ymir's special project to feed her siblings.


Mitsuki is the shy, glasses-girl robot created by Ittoku Shibamata that was sent to care for Youchi with her sisters Karin and Kirara.


An Anime-Only Mechanical Doll Appearing in Love Hina

Moena Shinguuji

Moena is the main hero of the show. She transforms into Angel Blade when she has to fight the forces of Dark Mother.

Nagisa Furukawa

Nagisa is a young girl in Tomoya's class. She is actually one year older than Tomoya, since she is repeating her third year due to a nine-month illness. Nagisa wants to reestablish the disbanded drama club, and her attempt to do so is the main focus of the Clannad anime.

Nodoka Haramura

Nodoka truly exemplifies the moe girl. She is young and cute. Her body is small and slender with the exception of her enormous breasts.

Noel Kannagi

The platoon's pilot and mechanic


A young girl who dreams about becoming a space pilot and meeting the legendary "Nonoriri."


Noriko is a young girl who befriends Hideyoshi Toyotomi in the Sengoku Collection anime series.

Ohana Matsumae

Ohana is an energetic 16 year old girl. Since her mother and boyfriend are having financial difficulties, Ohana is sent to live with her grandmother who owns a hot spring inn. Little does she know what struggles await her.

Poplar Taneshima

Female lead of the Working!! series.

Professor Frankram Stein

Professor Frankram Stein is an otaku animal-ear loving teacher at Magician's Academy.


Rose is a young Red Dragon who is being looked after by Eriko Nanao and Ryuji Kisaragi, a young man whom she fell in love with at first sight.

Ryou Fujibayashi

Ryou is the younger of the Fujibayashi twins. She is Tomoya's classmate and class representative.

Sanae Furukawa

Sanae is Nagisa's mother. she took care of nagisa and tomoya's daughter,Ushio

Sanae Shikikagami

Clumsy maid-in-training with large breasts who finds a way to trip over something, anything, in every episode she appears in.

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