Moe-Chan is a anime/manga character in the Love Hina franchise
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An Anime-Only Mechanical Doll Appearing in Love Hina


Moe was a French-made automaton formerly named Moem purchased by Tokyo University while she was shown off at the 1900 Paris World's Fair. Due to time and wear, Moem lost the ability to move her legs and would later be purchased by Keisuke Urashima in 1935. Named Moe after a production tag he found on her (the m on the tag was wiped off), Keisuke intended to fix her legs and restore her to working condition. However due to his poor memory, Keisuke winded up leaving Moe in an underground cavern beneath Hinata Inn.

Moe would be left abandoned until decades later when Keisuke's great-grandson, Keitaro, stumbled across Moe while he was exploring the caverns of Hinata Inn as a child. Seeing she couldn't walk, Keitaro made a similar promise to Moe in that he would restore her ability to walk and promised to marry her when he was older. However like his great-grandfather before him, Keitaro would forget about her for years afterward.


Moe was created as an anime-exclusive character for anime adaptations of Love Hina, appearing in episode 20 of the TV anime and the Love Hina Again OVA series. She was voiced by Satomi Koorogi in Japanese and Sandy Fox in English.



Moe stands about a meter tall having short blonde hair and green eyes. She is dressed in a red and white short-sleeved and short-skirted dress with a ribbon tied along the neck area, long white socks and a pair of black girl's shoes. Due to age and wear, the gears in Moe's legs became nonfunctional and she was unable to walk.


Due to having been around for nearly a century, Moe would gain life via becoming a tsukumogami, a spirit of Japanese folklore that comes to life from inanimate objects. While such spirits usually have hostile feelings toward their past owners from being abandoned, Moe did not display any such feelings as she was kind, understanding and supportive of the people around her. Being a tsukumogami, Moe does display a number of supernatural abilities as she can communicate with others telepathically, draw people into dream-like worlds and is able to move and talk freely with others.


While venturing around the Hinata Inn, an older Keitaro would come across the underground caverns he forgot about from years earlier and would rediscover Moe. Being able to move and talk freely, Motoko was initially fearful of Moe due to her being a tsukumogami. But upon realizing that the automaton had no hostility from the years she was abandoned, Motoko's fears were relieved. With cooperation from Kaolla, Keitaro was able to repair Moe's legs and she could move about again. Upon realizing that Keitaro had feelings for Naru, Moe chose to have Keitaro not fulfill the second half of their promise to get married and her spirit would leave the doll she inhabited.

Moe would later appear during Love Hina Again to have Naru come to terms with her feelings for Keitaro and be a spiritual observer to the two overcoming the curse of the Forbidden Annex to finally come together as a couple.

General Information Edit
Name: Moe-Chan
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Love Hina #20
1st anime movie:
Aliases Moe
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Dimensional Manipulation
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