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Mobile Suit Gundam is a franchise comprised of 13 movies, 34 anime series, 14 manga series
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AEU-09 AEU Enact

A Mobile Suit developed by the AEU.

AEU-09Y812 AEU Enact (Ali Al-Saachez custom)

A tuned-up, improved prototype of the Enact for the PMC's Ali Al-Saachez. The color scheme for this unit was originally blue, but after Ali was given the Agrissa the color scheme was changed from blue to red.

AMS-119 Geara Doga

The mass produced mobile suit of the Neo Zeon forces that first appeared in the movie Char's Counterattack.

AMX-002 Neue Ziel

A space prototype mobile armor, that was featured in the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory that was piloted by Anavel Gato.

AMX-004 Qubeley

A Mobile Suit created by zeon and piloted by Haman Karn.

Apsalus III

The third and Final verion Zeon Mobile Armor created by Ginias Sahalin. It is piloted by Ginias and his siter Aina.

Beam Katana

Primary weapon of the No More Heroes Saga. This weapon's like a light saber except with one huge difference. They shed blood.

CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam/Cannon

A gundam built by the Innovators using stolen information from Celestial Being. It is piloted by Ribbons Almark.

CB-002 Raphael Gundam

The successor unit to the GN-008GNHW/B Seravee Gundam GNHW/B seen in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A wakening of the Trailblazer.

CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X

The brother unit of the Turn A, and it is piloted by main antagonist Gym Ghingham. The Turn X features the systems and performance that equaled those of the Turn A.


Dopp Fighters are the main military aircraft of the Zeon. However they prove ineffective once the Federation introduced Mobile Suits to their forces.


Drugs are a chemical substance that is used to alter the chemistry of the mind or body. They can be either medicinal or narcotics.

F91 Gundam Formula 91

The F91 was made fifty years and based of the legendary RX-78-2 Gundam. The F91 is immensely more powerful than it's predecessor, toting an astonishing array of machine guns, beam guns, beam sabers and the newly developed beam shield.

FF-X7 Core Fighter

V Project


A Mobile Weapon support unit to the RX-78-2 Gundam which is piloted by Sayla Mass and later Sleggar Law.

GAT-X102 Duel Gundam

A general-purpose mobile suit and one of the first in a series of five Gundams developed by Orb for the Earth Alliance, though it was stolen by ZAFT and entrusted to the pilot Yzak Joule.

GAT-X103 Buster Gundam

A long-range, heavy artillery Gundam developed by Orb for the Earth Alliance. Dearka Elsman becomes its pilot after ZAFT steals it.

GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

One of five suits developed by Orb for the Earth Alliance, but the only one that wasn't stolen by ZAFT. Kira Yamato becomes its pilot.

GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam

A heavily armed Mobile Suit piloted by Orga Sabnak.

GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam

One of five Gundams developed by Orb for the Earth Alliance; it's stolen by ZAFT and entrusted to pilot Nicol Amarfi.

GAT-X252 Forbidden Gundam

One of the three Second Generation mobile suits created to counter the units stolen by ZAFT. It is piloted by Shani Andras.

GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam

Transformation-capable mobile suit/mobile armor stolen by ZAFT and piloted by Athrun Zala.

GAT-X370 Raider Gundam

One of the three Second Generation mobile suits created to counter the units stolen by ZAFT. It is piloted by Shani Andras.

GAW Attack Carrier

The GAW Attack Carrier is an airship used by the Zeon for Earth based operations. It serves a dual purpose of transport and attack vessel as its capable of carrying multiple mobile suits and Dopp fighters.

GF13-001NH Haow Gundam

Master Asia's previous Gundam.

GF13-001NHII Master Gundam

Master Asia second Gundam.

GF13-003NEL Royal Gundam

The Royal Gundam is the latest incarnation of the Britain Gundam, the mobile fighter which former champion Gentle Chapman used to win the 9th, 10th, and 11th Gundam Fights.

GF13-006NA Gundam Maxter

Developed by the space colony of Neo America, the Gundam Maxter is designed to showcase the unique fighting skills of colony boxing champion Chibodee Crocket.

GF13-009NF Gundam Rose

The Gundam Rose is a graceful, elegant mobile fighter created by the space colony of Neo France.

GF13-011NC Dragon Gundam

Developed by the space colony of Neo China, the Dragon Gundam is assigned to Sai Saici.

GF13-013NR Bolt Gundam

The Bolt Gundam is a heavyweight mobile fighter created by the space colony of Neo Russia, and assigned to former space pirate Argo Gulskii.

GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam

Neo Japans Gundam. it is piloted by Domon Kashu.

GF13-017NJII God Gundam

Called Burning Gundam in the Dub. The God Gundam is a upgraded version of the Shining Gundam.

GF13-021NG Gundam Spiegel

The Shadow Gundam is a state-of-the-art mobile fighter developed by the space colony of Neo Germany, whose high performance allows it to replicate the Ninja techniques of its pilot Schwarz Bruder.

GF13-050NSW Noble Gundam

Neo Swedens Gundam. It is piloted by Allenby Beardsley.

GF13-055NI Neros Gundam

This mobile fighter represents the space colony of Neo Italy, and is assigned to the gang boss Michelo Chariot.

GN-000 0 Gundam

The 1st Gundam of the Gundam OO series.

GN-0000 00 Gundam

The Succesor to GN-001 Exia, and Celestial Beings only 4th Generation Gundam.

GN-001 Gundam Exia

The Mobile Suit of Celestial Being Gundam Meister Setsuna F. Seiei.

GN-002 Gundam Dynames

A Gundam of Celestial Being and the suit of Lockon Stratos.

GN-003 Gundam Kyrios

One of the Mobile Suit's of Celestial Being. Gundam Kyrios is piloted by Allelujah Haptism.

GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh

The true form of the GN-005 Gundam Virtue.

GN-005 Gundam Virtue

A Gundam of Celestial Being and the suit of Tieria Erde.

GN-006 Cherudim Gundam

GN-002 Gundam Dynames successor, which similar to the Dynames can use a Sniper Mode. It is piloted by Lyle Dylandy.

GN-007 Arios Gundam

Arios is the successor unit to the GN-003 Gundam Kyrios and similarly can transform into a mobile armor.

GN-008 Seravee Gundam

Successor to the GN-005 Gundam Virtue that carries over the heavy armament concept and the TRANS-AM System.

GN-008RE Seravee Gundam II

A variation of the GN-008GNHW/B Seravee Gundam GNHW/B, which was redeveloped into the backpack and support unit of the CB-002 Raphael Gundam.

GN-009 Seraphim Gundam

A Gundam that is piloted by Tieria Erde. It is really the cannons on GN-008 Seraphim Gundam back.

GN-010 Gundam Zabanya

One of Celestial Beings newer Mobile Suits which is the successor to the GN-006 Cherudim Gundam.

GN-011 Gundam Harute

One of Celestial Beings newer mobile suits and is the successor to GN-007 Arios Gundam. The Harute features two seats in the Cock Pit and is piloted by Allelujah Haptism and Soma Peries.

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