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Seriously, I don't know who's doing it, but it seems that nearly every time I'm working on any of the Gundam pages, someone has re-entered "Wartime anime" as one of the concepts, whether it be for individual gundam object, series, or character pages, and I have to subtract it from that listing. I know it's not gonna mark the end of the world, but people, get your facts straight! Gundam wasn't even written till the late 70s, not the early 30s or 40s!

Wartime anime refers to anime that was MADE AROUND WORLD WAR TWO. It does NOT mean anime that features war! So please, whoever is doing it, STOP!
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Have you complained to LIttle_Sparrow? he is a wiki mod he will sort it out
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Ah, thanks! I didn't know who I should have talked to, so I figured I'd make it a PSA...
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Do you know when these edits were made? It may not be the wiki mod's fault since we don't approve all submissions since it could be a user with over 5,000 points who is doing it.

These edits could be old too so they could have been approved a long time ago when this wiki was fairly new.

If the problem still persists (as in you removed that concept but someone keeps on adding it back) then just let one of us wiki mods know and we'll look into the problem further.
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I'm not entirely sure exactly when they were made, but all I know is that they've been added to articles I have created, some of which were only made less than a month ago. I'm not blaming the mods either, since it probably is someone who is beyond the needing moderation level.

(it's 5000 points now to be mod free? I thought it was 1000...)
Post by RedRoses (1,437 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Okay well if we see who is the persistent person, we'll give them a talk. But if you just created the pages less than a month ago, you should be able to see who's been editing your pages on the side where the "Top Editors" are so if you want to take matters in your own hand, you can send them a PM about it after you figured out which user is doing it.

And yup you're right it's 1,000 points. I dunno why I said 5,000 earlier.
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Personally I would have set up the system so you could be mod-free when you had over 9000 points.
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