Odaiba Gundam Removal to be Unceremonious

Topic started by gia on Sept. 1, 2009. Last post by lordhaseo 5 years, 5 months ago.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13

ANN has caught word that the closing ceremony for the life-size 18-meter Gundam statue in Odaiba will be closed sans ceremony. They had planned one originally but it's been cancelled due to concerns about an incoming typhoon. It's a shame; Gundam creator (and NYAF guest) Yoshiyuki Tomino and Ray Amuro voice actor Tohru Furuya would have been at the ceremony.

In the meantime, the future of the life-size Gundam is still "undetermined." There have been some unlikely suggestions about the US anime industry joining forces to buy the thing (sorry, kids, but buying the Gundam, shipping it, and then finding a place to stand-- and all the anime fans and companies in North America *agreeing* on everything? I doubt it). Others have suggested a worldwide tour for the thing (possible, though shipping costs are still tough). 
I think it's sadly more likely to go in a bunch of boxes in a warehouse in Tokyo somewhere...unless they manage to find a home for it at Sunrise's office or the Bandai museum. Perhaps there would have been a home for it if the "Anime Hall of Fame" were built, but since the DPJ won the election in a landslide, I doubt it...I suppose it's even possible that a typhoon will blow it away, but c'mon, man, it's a Gundam!

What do you think?
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I think they should stick it in a hangar somewhere.  It'll be another wonder of the world!
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It'll likely be tucked away in some sort of secret warehouse, three rows away from the Ark. 
What I would like is for them to keep it up to the typhoon, maybe even move it closer to it, and have the Gundam face the typhoon head on. Either it will stand victorious or it will be wiped out, but either way, it'll be glorious.
Post by HeeroYuy (1,210 posts) See mini bio Level 12
Most likely I think it will be in Bandai's Museum somewhere, or at least in one of their huge warehouses. Rest in Peace good friend.
Post by lanaswift (636 posts) See mini bio Level 4
@Niko: It'll be in Warehouse 13. Get with the times!
Post by GodLen (877 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Because of it's popularity they should work on making it  permanent structure somewhere.
Post by Daniel_Newton (3,321 posts) See mini bio Level 20
 Well... this sucks. It hasn't even been up that long.
And if it can't survive a typhoon... maybe it deserves to come down, a typhoon shouldn't be enough to take a Gundam out!
Post by ganchan (77 posts) See mini bio Level 1

@lanaswift: Warehouse 23, thanks. Know your classics! ^_~
Post by lordhaseo (2,509 posts) See mini bio Level 7
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