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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is an anime series in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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Mobile Suit: Politics With Explosions Reviewed by Spence_5060 on Nov. 2, 2010. Spence_5060 has written 1 review. His/her last review was for Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. 4 out of 4 users recommend his reviews. 4 out of 4 users found this review helpful.
         As my title suggests, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is another spin off of the main Mobile Suit Gundam franchise that is actually one of my favorites because of its adult political themes it incorporates while still showing off just a barrage of explosions. Gundam Wing was actually my first Mobile Suit anime series that I have saw so I really don't have too much context on whether or not these political themes are incorporated into the other series as well, but what I can conclude is that there wouldn't be many with this kind of harsh reality of politics and of war. And that is the real undertone of this series, is to show how awful and disgusting war and political leaders can be, but later on that. First I should talk about the story and plot of this series.
       So this series first starts you out with a little back story of how life works in this universe with life on earth and in colonies in outer space being controlled by different governments. This also shows that a small group of people want to rebel against these governments with the use of a small group of specialized Gundams and pilots. So the story of this series mainly revolves around this small group of pilots and shows the wars from their perspective with one of them as the main main character of the story, Heero Yuy.
      So as the plot continues through the series I see this story becoming much darker than I had originally expected, but I guess that would come naturally from the realities of wars. So as I had mentioned earlier above, the overall story arc has to do with
 Explosions, Explosions, Explosions
 Explosions, Explosions, Explosions

politics and changing of governments between different wars and all the harsh realities of those put together. But they don't bore you to death just with those overtones as there are plenty of explosions throughout the series. I believe that there is an explosion of some sort in almost every, if not every, episode in this series, so there is plenty of action to see. 
      I guess you can say that my only real problem with the story of this series is that not very much was explained well in the series. A lot of it was mystery to me, even by the end of it all. Actually when you get close to the end, they slid in a bit of a twist which actually opens up a whole new set of questions for me that never got answered. Also the English dubbing voice acting for this game is not really great in the beginning, but does seem to get better later on in the series.  But overall I did really enjoy this plot and recommend it for anyone who enjoys a bit of a more intelligent storyline. But even if you don't like to think when you watch anime, there are plenty of explosions and action to see throughout almost every episode.
    Overall I see Mobile Suit Gundam Wing as a good action/plot series to watch. Actually this would be even considered as a good gateway series into the rest of the Gundam franchise. That's what it did for me. So unless you absolutely hate Gundam or mech animes, I see no reason for anyone not to watch this.
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