Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Locations

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is an anime series in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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Located at the southern part of the planet. Antarctica is a giant land mass covered in Ice and is one of the coldest places on Earth.


An English town, it is also the site of an Alliance Base in Gundam Wing that is destroyed by Trowa Barton in the first episode.


Earth is the third planet in the sol system, in the outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Most noticed for it's blue appearance due to the massive bodies of water that surround it.

JAP Point

A point in Eastern Japan featuring a spaceport, naval base, and military hospital in Gundam Wing.

New Edwards Base

A prominent Earth Alliance military base in California in Gundam Wing, it is where many important Earth Alliance officials met to discuss matters concerning the Gundams in May of AC195.

Saint Gabriel Institute

A private Catholic school in Japan that Relena Peacecraft and Heero Yuy attended.


Space is the final frontier.

The Moon

A natural satellite that currently orbits around Earth. The Moon is normally associated night time, and some say it possesses divine powers.

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