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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny is an anime series in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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A Seed too far... Reviewed by Ryokan on Oct. 24, 2010. Ryokan has written 4 reviews. His/her last review was for Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny. 5 out of 5 users recommend his reviews. 3 out of 3 users found this review helpful.
 Warning : I've seen th french version of this Anime, so I will not able to really tell you the quality 
of the english dubbing.

Warning : this review will contain Spoiler ! 
The Seed of a new story : 

Here's the story written fast : Some time has passed since the battle that lead to the peace between Earth and the Colony. All seem to be peaceful, but on a diplomatic trip on the Colony, Cagali Yula Atta find out that the colony are building Gundam again. Worse, although the security is kind of tough, these new machine are stolen by a group of mysterious terrorist. 
 Ensue a pursuit between Zaft and the terrorist, Cagali, who's followed by his not so mysterious body guard, join the force of durandal, but all of them are unable to retake the new Gundam. 
From this, it got worse, the action of the terrorist aggravate the relation between earth and Colony to some unknown degree at lightning fast speed and the war will begun anew with cataclysmic consequence !
It will go worse and worse, untill the event will bring Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne again on the front scene, Athrun will make surprising choice, but finally the hero will save the day, solve all the mystery tough for an really heavy cost.  

The Seed of discord : 
Well, if you know the late Gundam Seed series, you will know that this anime serie has caused a LOT of discussion between the fan. 
Personnally, I find it wasted. The art are good, even if the character design doesn't show ral variation and that some are so much alike that you feel pain to distinguish one over another. The palms is taken by Shin Asuka/Athrun Zala, who could be almost twins. 
But whatever, the character, in the premise,are interesting, Shinn is dark and twisted, hard ass/jerkass style, but stay likeable, because we understand his motive. Lunamaria is cool and cute, and I can't help but wanting to hug her each time she show on screen. Rey, Durandal and many other character are mysterious, and you want to know more about them from the first time they appear on-screen. 
You will say, "Hey ! But what's wrong then ?"
The wrongness in this, is that, from a certain point, ALMOST EVERYONE seem to hold the IDIOT BALL ! 
 Here some example :
You could think that Athrun, after having lost his Father, Mother and some friends would learn that war doesn't solve anything, but no, he follow the order of Durandal without thinking. He saw all his duplicity, but he still goes on.

Talia Gladys would win the prize of the worst mom ever, she dumped a guy because he's sterile, make a child somewhere, but when all is lost, she choose to stay with the guy she has dumped to die with him, abandoning his children, wow ! What a decision ! 
Jibril is the more idiotic of all. I wonder how he arrived to his power. Frankly, he's dumb to the point of being REALLY unrealistic.   
Cagali suffer a Badass decay, she went to a strong female leading character that I finded refreshing to some helpless chick that I wanted to scream over during almost all the serie. And to think she had the seed like Athrun and Kira...

And the list go on... 
You think I've hitted te worse ? HELL NO ! 
The worse is, that a some point, the team and the executive that produced Gundam Seed Destiny feeled obligated to reintroduce Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne.  Though this isn't a bad idea, it's done in one of the WORSE WAY EVER. Not only they push Shinn and what seemed to be the main casting in the shadow, but they also seem to have all the omni license of morality, ruining all the angst and most of the drama of the show.   
In fact, I was nterested in the destiny of Shin, Rey and Lunamaria than  those of Lacus and Kira who past the point of boring.
By that time, I was kinda disapointed, Believe me.  But I knew I hitted the bottom ofthe ocean of lameness in fnal scene : OK, the plan of the Big bad Durandal is in ruin, his space station his crumbling and will soon destroy. What our infaillible Kira hero do ? He take his Gundam, land on the station, hold his gun and attempt to shoot him.

"Happily", he hasn't to, because someone shoot durandal for him, preserving his unbearable moral purity, and another end has been produced, who's less akward. But really, it's resume all that's bad about this show : it's a good setting and premse ruined by bad idea, some idiotic characterisation and a truly wall banger story.
Conclusion : the seed of  a Good story that hasn't doesn't bloom  :

Yup, by now, you've guess that I didn't like  Gundam Seed Destiny.   

But I didn't liked it because it was a big mecha anime or because of its thematics, no. I hated it because it was almost a constant spoil of a good series : the mecha are cool, the character are interesting -At least at the beginnging.  But Watching this anime was painful, because it was like seeing your best friend becoming some kind of jerkass, and that was nothing you can't done about it : the characterisation is somewhat in a constant decay, like many thing in the story.
By the end of the anime, I was hoping that it was the end, and that I will never heard of the Gundam Seed franchise, because each time I think about it, I find it hurtful to remember. I could go on on what upset me on Gundam Seed Destiny, but I will finish to repeat myself and being REALLY mean, and this anime at least taught me one thing : Sometime, you have to go before becoming sour.
I will give a 1.5/5. 
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