Mobile Suit Gundam F91 Characters

Mobile Suit Gundam F91 is an anime movie in the Mobile Suit Gundam Franchise
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Cecily Fairchild

Seabook's classmate at Frontier IV. Cecily was born Berah Ronah, a child of the aristocratic family that leads the Crossbone Vanguard. When the Crossbone Vanguard seize control of Frontier IV, Cecily rejoins the Ronah family and reluctantly agrees to become a symbol of their newly established nation of Cosmo Babylonia.

Iron Mask

The commander of the Crossbone Vanguard Forces. Iron Mask is actually Cecily's father Carozzo, a brilliant scientist who married into the Ronah family but was then abandoned by his wife Nadia. Carozzo turned himself into an artificially enhanced cyber-Newtype.

Leahlee Edaberry

A junior Federation Forces officer, who becomes acting captain of the training ship Space Ark once all of the vessel's senior officers leave to fight the Crossbone Vanguard.

Seabook Arno

An engineering student at the Frontier IV space colony, who flees with his sister and friends when the colony is attacked by the Crossbone Vanguard. He is later forced to become the pilot of the F91 Gundam after the ship his sister and friends are on is attacked.

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