Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack Characters

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack is an anime movie in the Mobile Suit Gundam Franchise
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Amuro Ray

Amuro Ray is a New-type from the Universal Century saga of Gundam.

Bright Noah

Bright Noa is introduced to the Gundam series as a 19 year old Ensign in the Earth Federation. Following the events at Side 7 he would assume command of White Base during the One Year War.

Chan Agi

A member of the Earth Federation's Londo Bell Task Force who serves as a technical officer. She is the love interest of Amuro Ray and helps him supervise the development of his Nu Gundam during the Second Neo-Zeon War.

Char Aznable

Char Aznable is a Mobile Suit pilot for the Duchy of Zeon, and later becomes one of their leaders in the wake of the deaths of the Zabi family (at his hand).


Haros are multi-purpose companion and helper robots that reappear frequently across various Gundam series.

Kayra Su

Londo Bell's number two pilot - second, of course, to Amuro Ray - Kayra fills in as mobile suit team leader while Amuro is away.

Lalah Sune

A powerful Newtype found by Char, who takes her under his wing. She ends up piloting the Newtype mobile armor MAN-08 Elmeth.

Mirai Yashima

Mirai Yashima is a civilian and the pilot of White Base after the incident at Side 7.

Quess Paraya

A young newtype who is the daughter of an Earth Federation official. She joined Neo Zeon to help fight for Char Aznable.

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