Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Characters

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is an anime series in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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Aeolia Schenberg

The founder of Celestial Being, who also created the GN Drives for the Gundams.

Alejandro Corner

A secret observer member of Celestial Being. Alejandro is a diplomat of the United Nations and supporter of Celestial Being.

Ali Al-Saachez

A former Middle-Eastern guerrilla that created a terrorist group of brainwashed children that were fighting in the name of "God". Later he became a mercenary for a living and was hired to capture one of the Celestial Being Gundams. During season 2 he became a agent of the Innovators.

Allelujah Haptism

Allelujah (and his split personality, Hallelujah) is one of four Gundam Meisters of Celestial Being and the pilot of GN-003 Gundam Kyrios and later, GN-007 Arios Gundam.

Andrei Smirnov

A member of the A-Laws and the son of Sergei Smirnov.

Anew Returner

Anew Returner is one of the very skilled Celestial Being engineers, she was scouted by Wang Liu Mei soon after Celestial Being resumed armed interventions before the second season. Her skills are vast including: regenerative medicine, astrophysics, piloting, and cooking.

Billy Katagiri

An MS engineer for the Union's MSWΛD and friend of Graham Acre.

Bring Stabity

A Innovator and the pilot of the Garazzo.

Christina Sierra

A member of Celestial Being who is a crew-member onboard the CBS-70 Ptolemaios. She was killed during season 1 with Lichtendahl Tsery.

Daryl Dodge

One of Graham Aker's frined/teammate. He died during season 1 of Gundam 00.

Devine Nova

A member of the Innovators and the Identical twin of Bring Stabity.

Feldt Grace

A member of Celestial Being who is the daughter of Ruido Resonance and Marlene Vlady. She is a skilled programmer and mechanic and is one of the operator onboard the Ptolemaios and Ptolemaios 2.

Graham Acre

The ace pilot for the Earth Sphere Federation. Graham goes by the aliases Mister Bushido, and is Setsuna's Rival in the series.


Haros are multi-purpose companion and helper robots that reappear frequently across various Gundam series.

Hiling Care

A Innovator and Ribbons Almark identical twin.

Hong Long

The older brother of Wang Liu Mei, who serves as her personal assistant.

Ian Vashti

A member of Celestial Being. He has developed many of the weapons used by the Gundams

Johann Trinity

The oldest of the Trinity Siblings who were genetically engineered using Ribbons Almark's genetic material. Johann serves as the leader among of the group and pilots the GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins. Johann and his brother Michael were eventually killed by Ali Al-Saachez.

Kati Mannequin

An AEU tactical coordinator and commander. During Season 2 Kati becomes a ESF-Army tactical commander.

Kinue Crossroad

Saji Crossroads sister she was a JNN Reporter. She was killed by Ali Al-Saachez when she was investigating about Laguna Harvey.

Lasse Aion

A member of Celestial Being who is the gunner onboard the CBS-70 Ptolemaios.

Lichtendahl Tsery

A member of Celestial Being and the Helmsman for the Ptolemaios. He died in Season 1 by taking fire from the Alvatore while trying to save Christina.

Linda Vashti

Ian Vashti's wife and mother to Mileina Vashti, who is Celestial Being chief engineer.

Lockon Stratos

Lockon Stratos is actually the codename for two different characters. The first is Neil Dylandy, a Gundam Meister of Celestial Being, and the pilot of the GN-002 Gundam Dynames.

Lockon Stratos

Lockon Stratos is actually the codename for two different characters. The second is Lyle Dylandy, Neil's twin brother. Lyle is a member of Katharon and later joins Celestial Being after his brothers death.

Louise Halevy

Louise is a Union civilian and an engineering student from a wealthy European family. Her boyfriend is Saji Crossroad.

Marina Ismail

The Princess, and Monarch of Azadistand.

Michael Trinity

Michael is the sibling among the Trinity Siblings. Like his brother and sister, Michael was made from Ribbons Almark's genetic material and pilots the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei. He was killed by the mercenary Ali Al-Saachez who stole his mobile suit after killing him.

Mileina Vashti

Mileina Vashti is Ian and Linda's daughter who joins the crew of the Ptolemaios II. She is a gifted technician and programer. Mileina normally staffs the tactical operations station.

Nena Trinity

The youngest of the Trinity Siblings and member of Celestial Being. Nena pilots the GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei.

Patrick Colasour

One of the AEU's top ace pilots who has a crush on Kati Mannequin.

Regene Regetta

A member of the Innovators and the identical twin of Tieria Erde.

Revive Revival

A Innovator and the genetic twin of Anew Returner.

Ribbons Almark

The main antagonist in Gundam 00.

Saji Crossroad

Saji is a Union civilian and engineering student; his girlfriend is Louise Halevy.

Sergei Smirnov

A Russian commander of Human Reform League forces and leader of the Chobu Squadron. He is a father figure to Soma Peries.

Setsuna F Seiei

Setsuna F. Seiei is one of four Gundam Meisters of Celestial Being. He pilots the GN-001 Gundam Exia and GN-0000 00 Gundam.

Shirin Bakhtiar

The political adviser and coordinator to Princess Marina Ismail of Azadistan.

Soma Peries

Soma Peries is an alternate personality installed within Marie Parfacy in order to revive her from a comatose state and to use her abilities as a "supersoldier." Peries becomes a Second Lieutenent of the HRL and is enlisted in a division whose sole purpose is to capture a Gundam.

Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Sumeragi is the scenario analyst and tactical forecaster of Celestial Being and the de facto commander of the mothership Ptolemaios.

Tieria Erde

Tieria is the cold and calculating pilot of GN-005 Gundam Virtue and GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh. He is one of the four Gundam Meisters of Celestial Being.

Wang Liu Mei

Wealthy socialite and agent of Celestial Being along with her assistant Hong Long.

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