Mobile Fighter G Gundam Characters

Mobile Fighter G Gundam is an anime series in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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Allenby Beardsley

The Gundam fighter for Neo Swenden.

Argo Gulskii

The fighter for Neo Russia and the new Black Joker of the Shuffle Alliance.

Bunny Higgins

One of the Members of Chibodee Crockets support team. She is the communications for the group.

Cath Ronary

One of Chibodee Crocket's support team. She is his personal physician.

Chibodee Crocket

The fighter for Neo America

Domon Kasshu

The main protagonist of Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Domon is the fighter of Neo Japan and was trained by the twelfth Gundam Fighter Champion Master Asia to become the new King of Hearts.

Gentle Chapman

The Gundam Fighter for Neo England who died after his fight with Domon but was brought back to a life as a berserk zombie by the Devil Gundam Corps to pilot the Grand Gundam.

George De Sand

The Gundam Fighter of Neo-France and the new Jack of Diamonds.

Janet Smith

One of Chibodee Crocket's support members. She and Shirley Lane serve as the mechanics.

Kyoji Kasshu

Maria Louise

The Princess of Neo-France who is passionately devoted to the handsome knight George de Sand.

Master Asia

Master Asia is Domon Kasshu's teacher, who is victor of the 12th Gundam Fight and the former King of Hearts of the Shuffle Alliance.

Michelo Chariot

The fighter for Neo Italy.

Nastasha Zabigov

Supervisor of Neo Russia's Gundam Fight support team, who commands the transport ship Gorby and serves as Argo Gulskii's warden.

Rain Mikamura

The childhood friend of Domon Kashu who assists him during the Thirteenth Gundam Fight as his engineer, tactician and medic. Rain is also capable of piloting the Shining Gundam and Rising Gundam on some occassions.

Sai Saici

Schwarz Bruder

The mysterious masked fighter of Neo Germany. He helps Domon Kasshu at key moments.

Shirley Lane

One of Chibodee Crocket's support members. She and Janet Smith are his mechanics.

Ulube Ishikawa

An officer of Neo Japan's military, who supervises the colony's Gundam development program.

Wong Yunfat

The prime minister of Neo Hong Kong, Wong Yunfat has ruled the world for the past four years, thanks to Master Asia's victory in the 12th Gundam Fight.

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