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MM! is an anime series in the MM! franchise
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Arashiko Yuno

Yuno has androphobia (she fears men) because of an incident when she was younger. She also attacked Taro Sado once due to her fear, which turned him into a masochist.

Michiru Onigawara

Michiru is the school nurse who enjoys taking pictures of girls in cosplay, she is quite close to Mio.

Mio Isurugi

Isurugi has a superiority complex and claims that she is a god who can grant wishes. Taro Sado comes to her asking for a cure for his masochism.

Noa Hiiragi

Noa Hiiragi is a genius with an IQ of over 200.

Taro Sado

Taro is a true masochist looking to cure himself so he can be with the girl of his dreams.

Tatsukichi Hayama

Taro Sado's friend from Middle School. he has a habit of crossdressing.

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