Mizuki Tachibana

Mizuki Tachibana is a anime/manga character in the Gravion franchise
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The Pilot for the G-Striker, she is also the oldest Pilot.

Mizuki is first shown in the command/security room when Eiji breaks into Sandman's castle to find his sister. She seems calm, collected, and the cool head among the other maids in the room, even going so far as to compliment Eiji on how far he was getting (not to his face of course). Of course, she laughs when Eiji stumbles into the maid's changing room while evading a patrol. Somthing she then uses to tease him later. After Eiji is press-ganged (or as Sandman would say, encouraged) into joining the Gravion team Mizuki flies the fighter that forms the opposite leg of the fused Gravion, also being the one that controls the rarely used "Gravion rifle". 
For those that wish to know, Mizuki was the poster girl for the Gravion franchise. Appearing on a poster that aptly said,  
"giant robots, saving the world..." and her part, " and gravity defying breasts". One look at Mizuki and it's easy to see why she was the poster girl. Although there are several other women in the show that could easily taken her place... guess they decided to use the character that would appear the most. 
Mizuki is revealed, later in the series, to be a government agent sent to steal the technical information on Gravion. This she accomplishes with a large degree of regret even when she is allowed to retire into a life of lavish, solitary, luxury. She quickly becomes dissatisfied with that however, and goes back to the team on her own terms. Using the government chairman as a hostage until she and Luna (whom she broke out of captivity) arrive back at Sandman's castle. 
Mizuki was very good friends with Eiji's sister, Aiaka (pronounced 'I-a-ka') before she dissapeared. In addition to her government espianoge, Mizuki was also snooping around the castle trying to find out just what Sandman was keeping from the rest of them about Aiaka's dissapearence. Eiji is pulled into the "conspiracy" when he breaks into Mizuki's room to flee from the maids that were attempting to give him one of his many "physicals" (I personally think they just wanted to see the poor guy naked). Mizuki hides Eiji under her table while she sends the maids off in hte wrong direction. During the conversation the camera does a nice upwards pan (slow scan) across Mizuki's figure (in short shorts and a tank top), as seen from Eiji's perspective. After some drinks and some teasing from her, Mizuki drags Eiji off to the tower where Aiaka vanished (which is off limits according to Sandman). Mizuki activates the tower and a huge gravity wave almost shoots her and Eiji off into space but, out of sheer pig-headedness, Eiji catches her hand and loops his foot around the railing, saving both of them from a grisly fate. 
On a side note, Mizuki is the only named female in the series that never shows any interest what so ever, in Toga. She actually might have been mildly interested in Eiji as it turns out. 
Mizuki does have a lot of the comedy take place around her, mostly because of her habit of drinking a bit too much (drunk woman with giant boobs... that's an assurance for disaster). Either that or her general flirtiness gets her into trouble. As in one instance on the company vacation to a hot spring, Mizuki competes against several teams of two in a ping-pong tournament alongside one of the pilots of the so called "Grand Troopers" (dumb name if you ask me) for an extended stay at the spring. Then Sandman takes part with Leele and proceeds to wipe the floor with the both of them, Mizuki and her dunce of a partner never even score a single point against Sandman (even though he uses a slipper instead of a paddle).   
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yuu Asakawa
Kira Vincent-Davis
Rank Game #833 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Mizuki Tachibana
Name: ミヅキ・立花
Romanji: Mizuki Tachibana
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Gravion #1
1st anime movie:
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