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Mizore Shirayuki is a anime/manga character in the Rosario to Vampire franchise
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 Hi there and Welcome to Fanart Fridays where I post some of my latest artworks. :D

Mizore Shirayuki
It seems for the past three years (including this one) I seem to post at least one picture of the ever cool Yuki-onna ("Snow Woman"): Mizore Shirayuki
Also she can be seen plenty of times on my blogs header too.
I think I gotta crush on Mizore...but gosh, she's just so cute!

Anyway, since I wanted this picture of her to look a little different than the previous ones,
I tried to draw her body in a 3/4 angle with her looking at the viewer (that's you!).
To spice it up this time around, I decided to put her in a cycle (which reminds me a Christmas ornament) with of course background color and some snow flakes.

Panty & Stocking

I'll admit that I like Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt and I can't help but describe as the Powerpuff Girls on crack and hallucinogenics.
It's an Anime series that's inspired and a parody of American Cartoons with it's story being about two fallen "angels" named 
Panty (who always has sex on the brain) and Stocking (who's a goth that loves sweets) on a mission to destroy ghost and gather 
Heaven coins in order to get back into Heaven, under the instruction of the afro sporting priest: Garterblet.

So I hope that gives ya an idea on what PSG is all about.

As for the picture itself,
I've had this idea to draw a "pinup-like" picture of the two fallen angels for a while but never really got to it and some of my previous attempts were less than stellar. -_-'
But then while I was drawing some poses based on some photo reference I thought to myself "Why not use this pose for Panty?" so I did.
Even though I had a pose in mind for Stocking, every time I went to draw it
it never came out right.
So I decided to draw a frontal view of her sitting indian style. I only used and picture reference for
hips and legs.

It's a bit different than my usual works as you can all see. I kinda feel embarrassed. ^^;

I'll probably draw a picture of Panty and Stocking with their clothes on sometime in the future.

Show N Tell

Hehehe! April Fools! :D

Like last year and the year before,on Sheezy Art (where I also post my art) I was thinking of doing this for a little while.
So this time around instead of making you all think you where gonna see "boobiez!" (like I've usually done) I thought I'd spice it up a little by have my Valentine's Day Girl show you what's really under her skirt. But April (my April Fools' Day Girl who is part of my Holiday Girls Series) decided to use it as a way to prank you all. ;)
Her outfit is a little different then her previous ones this time around.

Well I hope you all like them

Comments And Constructive Criticism Welcome.

Art By: AJV (Me)
Characters are owned by their respective owners (two of which are mine: the Holiday Girls. ;p)

If you want to see more of my art check out my blog or go directly to my art site
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