Mizore Shirayuki

Mizore Shirayuki is a anime/manga character in the Rosario to Vampire franchise
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A girl with Ice elemental powers and always has a lollipop in her mouth. She also has a huge crush on Tsukune Aono like Moka Akashiya does.

When Mizore arrives at Yokai academy she finds Tsukune almost straight away. After a few days and editions of the newspaper Mizore collects a whole scrapbook of the articles that Tsukune has written. 
Mizore states that Tsukune writes from the position of the weak and helpless (no, really. Human in a monster school). She then drags him out to a large pond, freezes him, and professes her eternal love and devotion. When Kumuru, Moka, and Yukari arrive to "rescue" him, Mizore reveals her command over ice. After a short and pointless battle, Tsukune starts to say that he just wants to be her friend for now, Tsukune starts with "I'm not alone!!!" Which proves to be a bad move on his part. Mizore is heartbroken and flees in a snowstorm. 
A short while later, one of the male teachers finds Mizore crying in the bushes by the sports field. As he moves closer the camera shifts away. It appears, moments later, that Mizore attacked the teacher who tried to help her. 
Tsukune blames himself for Mizore's apparent attack and chases after her, finding her poised on the edge of a cliff overlooking the blood red water. Mizore starts to cry in despair and ice statues form that start to speak Mizore's inner thoughts, death, despair, sorrow... etc. When the cliff collapses beneath her, Tsukune risks his life to save her, throwing himself flat on the cliff edge to catch Mizore's hand. He then finishes what he had attempted to say earlier.  In an odd moment, Gin comes through as somwhat of the moments savior. The werewolf had pictures that showed the teacher attempting to do "things" to Mizore, ergo, her freezing the perv was out of self-defence. 
Vampire Moka then gives Mizore a good kick and tells her to get her life together. 
To put it quite plainly, Mizore is an odd girl. She stalks Tsukune around the campus, even has designated "stalking positions" that she has numbered. Apparently she has at least 314 of them. This number is presented in an episode where Mizore goes through hell to try and cook some curry that Tsukune would enjoy. Eventually, after hours of trial and error, Mizore takes traditional curry and turns it into "crushed ice curry". Which breaks a pall that an insane cooking teacher had placed over the school with too spicy curry. 
Mizore's mother, Tsurara, is pushing Mizore to forcefully make Tsukune her's. This almost happens on one occasion when the school takes a trip to Mizore's homeland for a day of winter fun. While Tsukune is standing at the top, stuck between three girls that want him to teach them how to ski (Moka, Yukari, and Kurumu) Mizore blows through on a snowboard made out of ice and fused directly to her feet. She snags Tsukune by the shirt collar and practically drags him down the mountain until he, stealthily, slips loose by getting rid of his overcoat. Mizore arrives at the bottom of the mountain, thinking that she had Tsukune, and goes straight to a room that her mother had prepared. All that was in the room was a single bed. It is only now we are shown that Tsukune had escaped.
After a certain small vampire causes an avalance and Tsukune falls into a canyon Mizore and her mother lead the search party. While Tsukune gets off to a bad start with Mizore's father, the Abominable Snowman  (or at least a guy dressed as a yeti). 
In the final episode Mizore directly defies her mother by stopping Tsurara from freezing Tsukune and carting him back to their homeland for a marriage ceremony. 
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Rie Kugimiya
Tia Ballard
Rank Game #782 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Mizore Shirayuki
Name: 白雪 みぞれ
Romanji: Shirayuki Mizore
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Rosario + Vampire #5
1st anime episode: Rosario + Vampire #7
1st anime movie:
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