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Mixed Vegetables is a manga series depicting how two students fall in love who bond over what they are forced to be and what they want to be.

     Hanayu Ashitaba, one of the main protagonist, is a chef in training.  Her father is a renowned pastry chef, Patisserie Ashitaba.  Her father wastes no time in training her to become a pastry chef, assuming that she would love to be one, however Hanayu has always dreamed of being a sushi chef.
 Hanayu and  Hayato
 Hanayu and Hayato

Hayato Hyuga, the other main protagonist, is also a chef in training.  His father is the renowned sushi chef, Sushi Hyuga. Hayato's father also starts teaching him how to become a sushi chef, but Hayato dreams of becoming a pastry chef.  Both Hanayu and Hayato are scared to tell their parents their real dreams and wants because of the fear of hurting their family by not following the famous tradition.  
    Both Hanayu and Hayato go to the same high school, when Hanayu sees Hayato she begins to make up a plan.  She decides that if she is to marry 
 Hayato not only could she learn the craft of sushi but she would be free from hurting her parents.  The novel progresses as she tries out the age old adage, "The way to a mans heart through his stomach first."  However, Hanayu lets a comment slip about girls and sushi and it does not take long before Hayato figures out that she is using him, but he admits that he was using her all along too!  Hayato can feel that his heart is changing and he
likes Hanayu.  He does not want this to happen because it would only make their goal that much harder to achieve.  Instead of telling Hanayu how he feels, he tries to drive a wedge between them and make her leave him.  With all the resistance he put up though, he was no match for love as both Hanayu and Hayato succumb to it. 
     Sadly as they just discover this new love, Hanayu fails her final exams at school.  Previously, she promised that if she failed her exams that she would quit coming to the shop , Hayato's family shop.  Hayato gets scared that she will stop coming to the shop and not wanting to loose her asks her to marry him.  But, just as he does this a guy working for Hanayu's father reveals that he has always loved Hanayu since childhood and would like nothing more than to marry her and take her to France.  Hanayu's father would love this, he always wanted his daughter to marry someone in the craft and in France she could perfect the art of being a Patisserie.  Hanayu is forced to choose between going with her heart and staying with Hayato, son of a sushi chef, or doing good by her family and marrying who her dad approves of.  
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English Name Mixed Vegetables
Japanese Name: (ミックスベジタブル
Romaji: Mikkusu Bejitaburu
Publisher Shueisha
Start Year 2005
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Aliases Mixed Vegetable
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