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Mixed Bathing is a anime/manga concept
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Akemi Kawakami

A woman that was saved by Jin, and sort of adopted him.

Charlotte Dunois

A first year student at the IS academy and is the IS cadet representative from France. Charlotte was transferred to the IS Academy disguised as a boy named "Charles", who was believed to be the second "male" IS pilot but was really spying on Ichika for her father.

Elsea de Lute Irma

New Devil assigned to capture escaped spirits from hell. Partner to Keima Katsuragi. Loves cleaning, cooking,and fire trucks.

Fraw Bow

After boarding the White Base during the evacuation of Side 3, she joins the medical crew. She also looks after the three young orphans, Katz Hawin, Letz Cofan and Kikka Kitamoto.


Hotaru is an American player who constantly uses the Japanese servers in the manga and anime of dothack//Legend of the Twilight.

Ichika Orimura

The only male in the world that can pilot an Infinite Statos.

Jin Kanzaki

The main character of Zetman. Used to live with his grandfather until he was killed by a player.

Kaede Nagase

The tallest girl in Neg's class 3-A is tall, calm, and confident. Secretly training to become a ninja.

Keima Katsuragi

The lead character of The World God Only Knows. Known as the the "Capturing God".

Kenichi Saruyama

The best friend of Rito Yuuki and fellow classmate.

Konoka Konoe

Konoka is Asuna's best friend and grand daughter of Mahora Academy's head master. She's a sweet and motherly character who adores her childhood friend Setsuna. She specializes in healing magic.

Koukin Shuuyu

Cousin of Hakufu and a tough fighter in his own right.

Lala Satalin Deviluke

Lala is the princess of planet Deviluke and is also one of the main characters in To Love-Ru.

Linn Suzuki

A thirteen-year-old girl nicknamed "Kotetsu" who runs away from her martial arts school in search of her older brother.

Miharu Sena Kanaka

Miharu Sena Kanaka is a young girl from the planet Siren. Due to her magic gifts she meets Yukinari Sasaki on her planet and surprisingly enough doesn't trigger his allergy to girls. She travels back to Earth with him and lives in his home.

Mio Sawada

One of Harunas best friends at school.


A vagabond with a troubled past traveling who was coaxed in to traveling with Fuu & Jin in search of the Sunflower Samurai. His main goal is to fight Jin and defeat him.

Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki the titular main character of the series NANA. She dreams of her band, Black Stones, making it big in Tokyo.

Negi Springfield

Negi Springfield is a 10-year-old wizard in training. He's teaching in Mahora, an all-girls school and aspiring to become a great Magister Mage like his father the legendary and lost Thousand Master.

Ran Mouri

She is the childhood friend/partner of kudo shinichi. After shinichi turned to Edogawa Conan, she has begining missing him. Ran is also the captain of the Tetain Karate Team. but she is scared of any Horror Genre

Ranma Saotome

A teenage martial artist, who is a boy...usually.

Ren Honjo

Nana Osaki's lover and former bass player of BLAST who now plays for Trapnest. Ren's idol is Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols.

Risa Momioka

Friend of both Mio and Haruna.

Rito YĆ«ki

Rito is a young boy attending high school and living with his sister. When trying to confess his love to a girl at school a ship crashes into Earth from outer space, and he somehow ends up engaged to a beautiful alien princess.

Rushuna Tendo

Rushuna Tendo is an busty senshi who is an skilled revolver markswoman.

Ryouko Mikado

Ryouko Mikado is a intergalactic alien doctor who works as school nurse at Lala and Rito school.


A beautiful blind musician the trio encounters near the end of their journey. Sara is really a Shogunate assassin, sent to expunge both Mugen and Jin.

Setsuna Sakurazaki

Setsuna is a member of Negi's class 3-A. A half-demon thrown out of her own tribe, and later taken in by Eishun Konoe. She's a devoted guardian of her childhood friend, Konoka; and master of the sword.


Shampoo is a Chinese Amazon who turns in to a cat when splashed with water. Ranma beat her in battle and she is his wife according to Chinese Amazon Law (much to Ranma and Moose's dismay).

Shinichi Kudo

He is a High School detective who was attacked by two criminals, Gin and Vodka. As a result, he is given APTX4869. His body turned small and he became Edogawa Conan.



A maid at the academy. She has a crush on Saito, and treats him very kindly. Although bearing witness to a possible relationship between Saito and Louise and its accompanying sharp up and downs, Siesta believes she can provide Saito a more gentle and caring relationship and love.

Takashi Kosuda

An ordinary high school boy and member of the photography club. After meeting Yamada he begins to develop feelings for her.

Yajiro Kojima

Yajiro Kojima is a swordsman who fought to attempt to bring the world unity.


A very determined 15 year old girl.

Yukinari Sasaki

Yukinari Sasaki is a small boy who spent his life bullied by girls to the point where he's afraid of girls and even allergic to their touch. On another planet he finds the one girl he isn't allergic to.

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