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Based off of a manga series by Norio Sakurai, Mitsudomoe is a comedic anime with anime production by Bridge that follows the school life of the Marui triplets and Satoshi Yabe, their teacher.


Mitsudomoe follows the day-to-day shenanigans of the Marui triplets, their teacher and the other students in their class. The series is episodic in nature and each episode usually contains multiple short stories. The style of humor in the show often focuses around a misunderstanding related to sexual innuendo, such as two characters holding a conversation where one is under the impression that it's a about a kids TV show and the other thinking that it's about underage girls. The end result being awkward looks and accusations of pedophilia when the adult proclaims, "I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't watch them everyday!"

Creation & Production

Mitsudomoe is based off of an ongoing manga series that is written and illustrated by Norio Sakurai and is currently running in the Weekly Shonen Champion magazine. The television anime series, which has a total of 13 episodes and ran from July 2, 2010 to September 26, 2010. It is directed by Masahika Ohta with music by Yasuhiro Misawa. The series is published by Aniplex and features animation production by Bridge. In addition to simulcasting on Crunchyroll during its initial run, the entire series has been released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan, with no announcements yet of an US license.

Main Characters

Mitsuba Marui
Mitsuba Marui
Mitsuba Marui
Mitsuba is the eldest triplet and has an extremely dominating personality. The basis for her most of her actions and interactions with people usually boils down to embarrassing others, making herself seem overly important and in command, or trying to create a dominatrix like position over them. However, she can be kind when she wants to and is more caring than she leads everyone to believe.
Futaba Marui
Futaba Marui
Futaba Marui
Futaba is the middle triplet, extremely athletic and has the strength of multiple fully grown adults despite being an elementary school student. Futaba is also a talented artists and can often being seen drawing her favorite thing in world: breasts, a subject which she is intimately acquainted with and has doctor-level knowledge of.
Hitoha Marui
Hitoha Marui
Hitoha Marui
Hitoha is the youngest triplet and usually keeps to herself so that she can read pornographic books and magazines without being disturbed. To aid her in this, she has developed a demon-The Ring girl stare that can strike fear into the most hardened of hearts. Despite her gloomy nature, Hitoha falls in love with a hamster named Nipples and devotes herself to him completely. She, along with her teacher Satoshi Yabe, is huge fan of the Gacchi Rangers sentai series and has a amassed a collection of items to the series, which she keeps secret from others.
Satoshi Yabe
Satoshi Yabe, usually referred to as Yabecchi (Yabe and Ecchi) is the homeroom teacher of the Marui triplets and is often the source of many of the series' misunderstanding jokes (see the overview section for an example). As a result, he is often called a pedophile, pervert and lolicon despite the fact that he is a good-natured teacher who always has his student's best interests at heart.
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General Information Edit
Name Mitsudomoe
Name: みつどもえ
Romaji: Mitsudomoe
Publisher Aniplex
Start Year 2010
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