Misaki Yata

Misaki Yata is a anime/manga character in the K franchise
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Yata is a loyal member of the Homura clan in the K franchise. He is also known as Yatagarasu and he is the Vanguard of the Homura clan. He wields a skateboard and a bat.


Yata holds Tatara who's on the verge of death
Yata holds Tatara who's on the verge of death

3 months ago. Yata and the other Homura memebers were laughing Tatara Totsuka about not being able to flip Yata's skateboard and telling him that he sucks. Tatara then told Yata that he sucks at solitaire. Yata showed Tatara how to do the flip. Tatara was amazed. Yata then asked if why is he suddenly interested in skateboard. Tatara said that he just wanted to try new things. Tatara also talked about a camera that he bought. He wanted to films many clips then show it to the Homura. Anna came near Tatara and asked if he knows any song. Tatara called Anna a good girl that she has been charmed by one of Tatara's hobbies. Tatara gets his guitar then started singing. Yata and the others listens to it. It was a beautiful song that caught the hearts of all the Homura members. 3 weeks ago, Yata and Izumo went to the top floor of a building. He saw Tatara lying and is seriously injured. Yata went near him trying to comfort him. Yata was trying to ask Tatara if who did it to him. Tatara said something about the Colorless King. Yata tried to encourage Tatara to live on while his tears are flowing upon his face. After that incident. Yata sought revenge for the one who killed Tatara.


Misaki Yata is created by Go Hands and has no information regarding any inspirations used to create him. He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

Story Arc

Yata at the top of the Building
Yata at the top of the Building

Yata Misaki Traveled with the other member in Shizume City. After breaking up with the group. Misaki went to the top floor of a building with his skateboard. On Kusanagi's Call to go with the operation. Yata jumped over the building and broke through the glasses of the hotel suite then bashed the foreign appartment owners with his bat.

After finding out that the foreigner was innocent. He left the room with the other Homura members. On the way out. They Saw the SCEPTER4 went in the building. On Mikoto's Command. Yata and the other members prepared themselves for battle. When Mikoto attacked, the other memebrs joined the battle while the sword of Damoncles were above them. The fight was stopped then Mikoto let himslef be locked up in jail which shocked his clansmen.

Yata Attacked Isana
Yata Attacked Isana

When they found out that the murderer of Tatara Totsuka was in Shizume City. Yata rushed and followed the location Anna Kushina gave him. He found Isana Yashiro on the sidewalk. He checked the face of the murderer on his phone and found that Isana and the murderer looked the same. Yata attacked him Immediately and chased after him.

When Isana is cornered beetwen Yata, Rikio and Izumo Kusanagi. Izumo attacked Isana with the flames from his cigarette but Kuroh Yatogami, known as the Black Hound came out of nowhere then protected Isana. Yata tried to attack Kuroh but Kuroh attacked him first by pulling Yata with his extending arms then used his elbow to attack Yata. When the other Homura members knew they were no match. Yata and the others let Isana and Kuroh leave.

While in the City. Yata found Kuroh and attacked him. Kuroh dodged Yata's attack then went to the top of the pole. Yata is asking Kuroh if where did he hid Isana. He saw Isana at the top of the building then immediately attacked Kuroh with his bat. Kuroh used his extending arms to stop Yata but failed. Yata was able to attack but Kuroh dodged it then kicked Yata away. After the battle. Kuroh left Yata.

Yata Beating Rikio
Yata Beating Rikio

After that incident. Yata Beats Rikio Kamamoto for saying something about why Suoh let himself be locked up. He threw Rikio inside the HOMRA Bar then broke one of Izumo's Precious Glass. Izumo got angry then asked Yata and Rikio about their fight. After that. Izumo told them that he will explain why Suoh let himself be locked up if the two of them apologizes to him. After apologizing. Izumo explained to Yata and Rikio that Suoh let himself be locked up so that the SCPTER4 spends their time guarding Suoh while the other Homura members gather information about the murderer without being bothered by the SCEPTER4. After hearing it from Izumo. Yata Rushed out to find the murderer.

On his way in the City. Yata found a female acquaintance of him being bullied by some gangsters. Yata protected his his acquaintance from the gangsters. One of the gangsters pointed a gun at Yata's face then asked him if who is he. Yata Introduced himself but the gangster suddenly shot the gun but Yata dodged it immediately then beat them all up. After the fight. Rikio asked Yata if what will they do to the gangsters. Yata told Rikio to Torture them alive.

After that. Yata is in the HOMRA bar. Anna Showed them the new location of Isana. Anna pinpoints him Ashinaka Highschool. When they arrived. Yata and Rikio stole some PDA from the students of the School to enter the school's security system. After getting in. They started to gather some information about the murderer by asking the students around. While in the School. Rikio scared the girls by just asking them. Yata got angry and smacked Rikio's head then apologized to the girls then smacked Rikio again when seeing the girls frightened.

Yata got injured from his fight against Saruhiko
Yata got injured from his fight against Saruhiko

While walking. Someone mocked Yata. Yata turned around then saw Saruhiko Fushimi, A Traitor from the Homura. The two of the talked to each other. When Fushimi started to called Yata by his first name. Yata got Pissed. Fushimi still creepily calls him Misaki. Yata attacked Fushimi. While in battle. Fushimi threw one of his throwing knives at Yata. Yata was hit at his shoulder then fell down on his skateboard. Yata and Rikio was shocked after seeing Fushimi with the Red and Blue color. He continues fighting but Seri Awashima interupted their fight.

Yata recognized Seri as the Righthand woman of the blue king. Seri asked him to postponed the fight but Yata disagrees to follow orders from the Blue clan. But when Seri tells something about Suoh's fine condition. Yata stopped then told Rikio to continue their search. Rikio Patched up Yata's Injuries and telling him to stop the search. Yata is still up to the search. He found Kukuri Yukizome. He encouraged himself to ask but Kukuri doesn't about know the murderer.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fire Aura - As a member of the Homura, he also have a Fire aura to use it in his fights.


  • Bat - He often uses a bat in his fights. The bat that he uses is the same bat that they use when the other Homura members plays Baseball.
  • Skateboard - He also uses his skateboard as a weapon to attack, or to block the enemy's attack and to use it to enhance his speed. He can bind his Red aura to his Skateboard.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Jun Fukuyama
Benjamin Diskin
General Information Edit
Name: Misaki Yata
Name: 八田美咲
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: K #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Yatagarasu
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