Misaki Masaki Jurai

Misaki Masaki Jurai is a anime/manga character in the Tenchi Muyo franchise
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The Second Empress of Planet Jurai and Mother of Sasami and Ayeka

Misaki is the second wife of Jurai's emperor, Azusa, and the mother of Ayeka and Sasami. She was born and raised in the Imperial Family of Kamiki before marrying Azusa and serves as the Supreme Commander of Jurai's Royal Bodyguards. An overly emotional woman, Misaki tends to be very overprotective of her daughters and always expects them to address her in a certain way. She gets in the habit of hugging and coddling anyone she meets, even those she does not know. This can be quite the overbearing experience as Misaki is known to have a great amount of superhuman strength as she was throwing Ryoko into walls and hugging her with crushing force to the point that the former space pirate grew to fear her.

Before marrying Azusa, Misaki used to have a crush on Azusa and Funaho's son, Yosho. She would get in the habit of visiting the young Juraian prince's bedroom every morning where the two gradually started to gain interest in one another. Fearing a scandal would occur with the illicit relationship though, Misaki's mother Seto arranged for Yosho to attend the Galaxy Academy and forbade Misaki from showing any affection for the prince.

Misaki is later revealed to become a powerful deity called the Counter-Actor when Z summons her from the future to prevent the Choushin from becoming a threat in his plans to kill Tenchi. Misaki becomes the Counter-Actor thousands of years later in the future when the deaths of Azusa and Funaho drive her mad. As the Counter-Actor, Misaki is capable of counteracting the influence of the Choushin on lower dimensions and threatening their existence as she could inflict harm upon them. She is enraged to the point where she has the desire to wipe out anything that exists in the Tenchi multiverse and only the influence of Kami Tenchi could calm her.

Voiced by
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Yoshiko Sakakibara
General Information Edit
Name: Misaki Masaki Jurai
Name: 柾木 美砂樹 樹雷
Romanji: Masaki Misaki Jurai
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki 2 #6
1st anime movie:
Aliases The Counter-Actor
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Attractive Female
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Super Strength
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Divine Powers
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