Misaki City

Misaki City is a anime/manga location
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The city where Shakugan no Shana take´s place. This is where Yuji lives and, since he has the Reiji Maigo inside, known as the "Maelstrom of Warfare", because of its strong attraction for powerful evil Denizens.

This fictitious city located in Japan is where everything happens, is like any regular city, with his own school, downtown, market, business center and even his own festival. Along the series the city is constantly destroyed and restored because of the often fights between the Flame Haze´s and the evil Crimsom Denizens.

Yuji has stated that the place were he was born has a special place in his hearth and will do anything on his hands to protect its people at all cost. There are currently three Flame Hazes living in the city right now, Shana, Wilhelmina and Margery Daw.

There are many places that took some events:

1. Atrium Arch: composed of restaurants, coffee shops, art gallery, and a hotel. This is a place that Yuji and Kazumi went on a date and saw Rammie and Margery fought Shana.

2. Daitetsu Bridge: a place that appear when Yuji and Shana fight Sorath, Tiriel, and Sydonay.

3. Mana River: Shana and Yuji usually train here.

4. Misaki City Municipal Principal School: the school Yuji and Shana attend.

5. Yoda Department Store: Friagne's base. Keisaku and Satou help Margery from here.

General Information Edit
Location Name Misaki City
Japanese Name: 御崎市
Romaji Name:
Aliases Maelstrom of Warfare
1st manga book: Shakugan no Shana (Light Novel) 0
1st anime episode: Shakugan no Shana #1
1st anime movie:
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