MISAKA is a anime/manga character in the To Aru Majutsu no Index franchise
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One of the many Mass-produced clones of Mikoto Misaka. 20,000 identical clones were created, although roughly half of them were destroyed.


Originally created for military use, the clones of Misaka Mikoto were something of a disappointment to their creators as they possessed only a small portion of the original's power. Nevertheless, a purpose was found for them, in experiments involving the linking of their brains through their electric powers and more importantly, the Level 6 shift experiment.
Academy city's super-computer, the Tree Diagram, had determined that the most powerful Esper, Accelerator, could advance his abilities beyond the current highest classification of Academy City, Level 5 by facing and killing 20 000 of the clones in specially prepared scenarios. As the Misaka clones were connected to one another through a mental network, they shared experiences and memories, and thus the survivors would learn from their fallen sisters battles and develop more advanced techniques and tricks, making them a greater challenge for Accelerator.
Believing themselves to only be guinea pigs, the Misaka clones didn't contend their fates and went on indifferently to their deaths until Touma Kamijou and Mikoto Misaka put an end to the experiments.


Having been created and artifically aged to adolescence by a machine, the clones are then linked to a machine which inputs information into their brains to allow them to function. This process creates somewhat lop-sided knowledge however, so that the clones can understand some fairly esoteric topics and complicated physics while being ignorant of basic information like what a kitten is or rudimentary social norms. They can comes across as quite rude as they don't understand elements of social interaction that others would take for granted, but they also tend to show concern for others.
Their most pronounced traits are their inability to form facial expressions and an idiosyncratic speech pattern where they make a comment then narrate what they've just said in third person.
The Sisters have also displayed an interest and need for recognition and affection from their DNA source, Mikoto Misaka, who they refer to as their older sister.
While the clones have similar personalities, they sometimes show signs of individuality. Some of the individual clones shown in the series include:

Misaka 9982

 Appearing only in the Railgun manga, 9982 was the first clone encountered by Mikoto Misaka. Mikoto spent the day with this clone in an attempt to learn the purpose and origin of her copies, but was flustered by her duplicates unusual personality. While the clone proved a nuisance, Mikoto had to admit to having some affection for 9982, and that they had interracted somewhat like sisters for the day.

Misaka 10031

 The second clone encountered by Mikoto, 10031 appears briefly in the Index manga and anime, and the Railgun manga. She attempted to cheer up a distraught Mikoto, but didn't realize that her presence upset her in light of an encounter with a previous clone, and was deeply hurt by Mikoto's rejection of her. Her death at Accelerator's hands is discovered by Kamijo Touma and what leads him to do what he can to stop the experiements.

Misaka 10032

 The most prominent clone in the series. She was the first of the mass-produced sisters to have been encountered by Touma, and the one scheduled to be destroyed by Accelerator on the day that Touma intervened.
Voiced by
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Nozomi Sasaki
General Information Edit
Name: 御坂妹
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: A Certain Magical Index #10
1st anime movie:
Aliases Misaka Imouto
Misaka 10032
Misaka 10777
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Attractive Female
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Electricity Control
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