Miriallia Haw

Miriallia Haw is a anime/manga character in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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At the start of the show Mirialla was show living peaceful with her friends on a 
neutral Orb space know as Heliopolis.She was always with her friends Sai,Kuzzey,Kira and her boyfriend Tolle,they often called her Milly or Mir for short.She is in a robotics engineering course at the local college.While she and her friends as well boyfriend were in the college Heliopolis went under attack by ZAFT forces who were looking for prototype earth alliance mobile suits which had been secretly hidden from the people and made in Heliopolis. 
The fighting ends up destroying Heliopolis and killing a few people.Miriallia 
and her fellow friends end up being refuges on the earth forces battle ship. 
Kira is unofficially forced to pilot the remain mobile suit know as the Strike,Miriallia says that they should help out to. She is sighed to monitor and communicate with the Archangel's moblie suit as well as it's amour.She mainly sent messages to Kira and Mu La Flaga to the Archangel's captain who is Murrue Ramius and executive officer Natarle Badgiruel.  
After seeing what chooses even after being offered to be discharged.Kira made have the choose to pilot the Strike.Miriallia and Sai help Kira when he come back with a life pod that's caring Lacus clyne in it,which later Kira hands Lacus back over to ZAFT forces.Shortly afterward they learn that Athrun Zala is pilot of the Aegis and KIra childhood friend. 
When the Archangel is diverted from it original atmospheric entry point.The 
Archangel ends up in the dessert were they end up in a battle with Andrew waltfeld. They mange to make it out of the battle with help from another group 
know as the Dessert dawn.Miriallia and Kira along with other abored the ship are aloud off. Miriallia and Tolle are seen sitting by a far with other people from the Dessert dawn. By morning the dessert dawns said they would help the Archangel get the sea.No sooner had they started move did they come under attack again by Andrew Walrfeld along with Yzak Joule and Dearka Elsman. 
After few moments in the battle Andrew waltfeld goes into battle with Aisha but  they end up being killed by Kira. They later end up in Orb were Murre ramuis takes the Archangel to Orb's Union repairs places. A short ways from leaving the aid of the Orb forces ZAFT forces attack them. Athrun ends up fighting KIra only to find out his energy in his mobile suit is running out,no sooner had he notices that did his mobile suit run out of energy leaving useless. One of Athrun friends know as Nicol Amalfi charged in to protect him from KIra's blade but as a result he end up being the one who was killed by KIra's blade. Some time after that Athrun comes after KIra again only him time to get him back for killing Nicol. Tolle who knows how to pilot the aircraft goes out to help Kira but is killed by Athrun when throws his sheild at him. 
Kira and Tolle are reported as missing in action and the Buster pilot is taken as the Archangel prisoner and taking the Buster back.Miriallia is upset about the lose of her boyfriend and snaps when Dearkea insults Tolle leading to grabing a kife and trying to stab Dearkea with it but is stop by Sai only no sooner does he stop Miriallia does Fllay enter and grabs a gun and aims to shoot Dearkea. Miriallia comes to her sense and stop Fllay from shooting him.The manga version expands this by showing Miriallia remembering discussing Kira being a coordinator with Tolle. They decide to defend Kira no matter what and knowing that Dearkea is different from Kira she stops Fllay from shooting Dearkea only to have the gun shot the light in the ceiling.As she held Fllay down she start crying and deny that her and Fllay were the same.The relationship between Dearkea and Miriallia improves more when Dearkea tells her he wasn't the one who killed Tolle.   
Later on the alliance leaders try to wipe out a majority of ZAFT forces by sacrificing their less desirable forces which included the Archangel and it's crew who are held with contempt for association with Kira. Kira returns just in time to save,using the Freedom.Miriallia and the rest of crew and her friend defect to Orb where Murrue Ramius her crew members if there unhappy with the defection that they should seek sanctuary.at this Kuzzey leaves the ship shortly after Miriallia is promoted to Kuzzey former position as a communication operate.She keeps this position until the war is over.
Dearkea is released and tolled by Miriallia that the Buster is there and will stay in there possession.Motivated by her words and determination and at odds with low xenophobic ZAFT is know under Patrick Zala's. Dearkea leave ZAFT and fights along side the Archangel. He uses the Buster to help and protect Orb and Miriallia and her friends that are aboard the Archangel.He soon joined by Athrun who is piloting the Justices.After the battle is over Dearkea and Athrun board the Archangel. Miriallia discovers who killed Tolle she starts to cry
Dearkea who is by her try's to talk to her but miriallia anger-ly yells out at him saying "would killing him bring Tolle back to me" a upon hearing this Athrun is impacted by this. As the wars enters the final stages of the war Mirialla warms up to dearkea those she still mourns for Tolle she accepts her new crew memeber and tells him to be careful in battle. In the After-Phase OVA Miriallia 
is seem alone looking at pictures of her and Tolle.

In Gundam seed Destiny

Miriallia is shown in Gundam seed destiny as a freelance photographer,She overs events such as the damage caused by Junius seven and Meer Campbell  promotional appearances on earth however cameos revels that her new career doubles as a front on her actions as an agent of terminal.The information group allied with many former members of the three ship alliances.she run into Athrun learning he has rejoin ZAFT.Athrun asks about her relationship with Dearkea,she does not reply but later tells others that she dump him. Her crew wasn't suprised by this.

Clyne Faction

Miriallia arranges a meeting between Athrun and Cagalli and Kira. At the meeting Athrun tells Cagalli and the others that Cagalli need to return to Orb.
While they inform him someone from ZAFT has attempted to assassinate Lacus. Before the Archangel intervention in the battle pf Crete. Miriallia returns to the Archangel her crew are delighted to see her.She takes up her former position as a comunication officar. She continues  to photographically long key events of the war for the sake of history.Despite the fact that athrun killed her boyfriend Tolle in pervious war.Miriallia doesn't show any animosity towards Athrun. Miriallia is relief that  Athrun is recovering from his injures from when he escaped ZAFT.
Voiced by
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Megumi Toyoguchi
Anna Cummer
General Information Edit
Name: Miriallia Haw
Name: ミリアリア・ハウ
Romanji: Miriaria Hau
Gender: Female
Birthday: 02/17/1955
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Milly
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Attractive Female
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