Mirepoch Finder

Mirepoch Finder is a anime/manga character in the Tatakau Shisho franchise
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An Armed Librarian who often walks around in a military uniform and a bowl-cut. Her main power is telepathy, and she doesn't fight that often.

Mirepoch was formerly a soldier in the [citation needed] Army, but was selected to become an Armed Librarian by Hamyuts Meseta herself. During her time in the military, she learned a sense of discipline and efficiency that she carries into her current position with the Armed Librarians. She is rarely seen without her military-style uniform, or her bowl-cut blonde hair.  Throughout most of the story, she plays a supporting role, connecting herself to the other Librarians through telepathy that can traverse practically any distance as long as she has an image of the recipient in mind.

Cracks in the Emotional Wall

During her time training in the labyrinth of the Library of Bantorra, Mirepoch started feeling affection towards a fellow student named Volken, to the point where she started feeling a bit emotional after Volken took a plane disappeared from the Library for reasons unknown. Some of the Librarians thought that Volken would betray them to the Church, but Mirepoch couldn't bring herself to agree. However, she was afraid of giving in to her feelings about Volken, and didn't know how to deal with them, so she drank the water of Argax to erase all of her memories about him.

On the trail of Lascall Othello

Though not an officially sanctioned Library assignment, Hamyuts allowed Mirepoch to take a day off and go on vacation to the city of [citation needed] in order to follow the trail of a man named Lascall Othello, a mythical person who supposedly delivers the books of dead women who were unable to make their feelings known to their loved ones. She planned to start by looking for the book of a famous actress who died eight years ago, but things quickly became complicated when a girl named Alme Noten showed up for the same reason. 
Her first encounter with Alme was the first time she had been involved in direct combat. Mirepoch's lack of fighting strength and inexperience at killing nearly got her killed until Mattalast Balory showed up to help. Unlike Mirepoch, Alme had no qualms about killing anyone and everyone who got in her way, which also ended up killing nearly all leads that Mirepoch had on Lascall Othello. Eventually, the two of them cooperated to kill Lascall together, but then Mirepoch used Mattalast's help to finish off Alme.

When Volken returns...

Despite having willingly consumed the water of Argax to forget about Volken, eventually Volken returned to the Library, claiming to have evidence that would expose Hamyuts for the crimes she committed. At first, Mirepoch did not recognize Volken, but when she overheard a couple of her fellow Armed Librarians talking about it, she started researching him and the magical fairy Yucklucku that he ran off with. Slowly, her feelings for him returned, and she ended up using her telepathy to warn Volken to run away from Hamyuts' wrath. However, it didn't matter in the end, when Volken was finally killed.
Mirepoch wanted to ring the funeral bells in Volken's honor after he died. At first, Mattalast and the other Armed Librarians refused to honor a traitor, but then they let her ring the bells to symbolize the Volken they remembered, before he became a traitor in their eyes.
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Miyuki Sawashiro
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Name: Mirepoch Finder
Gender: Unknown
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