Mirage is an anime episode of Heat Guy J that was released on 12/10/2002
There is an assassin on the loose in Judoh who has eliminated some very well known criminals who were well protected and guarded and witness reports are claiming it was a woman. At the same time an ex-girlfriend of edmundo’s called Elisa has come back into his life. She tells edmundo that she has been suffering from blackouts and memory loss and has been receiving some strange phone calls and she has come to Ken for help. As the murders increase Elisa starts to freak out as she realises that the time of the murders coincides with her blackouts. When the police list Elisa as a suspect due to eyewitness descriptions Edmundo loses his cool and is removed from the case. Ken then turns to Daisuke and asks him to look out for Elisa and find out what’s going on. Daiskuke agrees and goes to her apartment and sees her leaving but she seems to be in some sort of trance. A cop on surveillance then chases her and Daisuke follows and witnesses Elisa walk through a solid surface as if she was a ghost. Daisuke then notices a van near Elisa’s apartment and J uses the police reports to deduce that the same van had been spotted at each crime scene. They discover the van belongs to a colleague of Elisa’s called Thomas and they are both scientists who had been working on a mind control device and Thomas was also an expert in hologram technology. Daisuke figures out what’s been going on and tracks the van down and find Elisa trying to kill again. J stops Elisa while Daisuke apprehend Thomas. Thomas had been using a mind control device to hypnotize Elisa and put her into a deep sleep and then he was projecting an image of her from his van and while his targets attacked the hologram he was the one doing the actual shooting.

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