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Minato Saaya is a anime/manga character
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The best friend of one Takagi Daisuke and a member of the Swim Club, Saaya Minato unexpectedly quits due to the vulgar comments and looks the male members of the club give her on a daily basis. The real reason, however, is mostly due to her recently exploding bust size!


The beautiful, busty female friend of one Daisuke Takagi, Saaya Minato finds herself being plagued by a series of dilemas that threaten to throw her already hectic world upside down. In the past year, her breasts have exploded in size, so much so that she begins to feel uncomfortable being seen in a swimsuit whenever she participates in her school's Swim Club. To make matters worse, she has developed powerful emotions of love towards her friend Daisuke in the past few months, which have been fueled by her constant toying with her genital area whenever she is alone at home or school. Unable to put up with the constant crude remarks from the male members of the club in regards to the changes in her body and finding herself having a rough time suppressing her lustful passion for Daisuke, Saaya decides to quit the Swim Club once and for all.


Saaya Minato was originally created by Hiromitsu Takeda for use in the Tsundero manga, and it is not fully known as to what exactly inspired him to create her. She first appears in Tsundero #1 as part of the Milk Princess chapter.


Being a female character of a hentai-themed manga, Saaya does not evolve in any way, shape, or form outside of becoming more open with her true passions to her beloved friend Daisuke Takagi after struggling to suppress those feelings while she was around him.

Minato Saaya's Involvement in the Tsundero Franchise (H-manga)

Milk Princess

In the past few months, the beautiful Saaya Minato has begun to notice a "change" in how the male members of the school's Swim Club that she is a member of have been treating her lately. Every time the club meets, the male members treat her in odd ways and are making constant remarks in regards to her body, which has undergone some major changes in the past year or so. To make things even worse for her, she has been finding herself having a really hard time suppressing her strong, passionate feelings that she has been hiding from her friend Takagi Daisuke, who she is madly in love with. Frustrated by the constant remarks and looks aimed at her, coupled along with her struggles to keep her feelings regarding her friend Daisuke a secret, Saaya decides to leave the club in order to get away from the negativity, much to the worry of Daisuke, who is concerned by her recent behavior and seeks to help her in whatever way she needs.

Chasing her down the hallway, the concerned Daisuke tries to reason with the flustered Saaya, even reaching out to grab her hand to comfort her, but is stopped cold when she tears her hand away from his grasp and storms off into the female restroom, leaving the worried Daisuke behind. Once inside one of the bathroom stalls, Saaya breathes deep in relief as she quickly removes her top and begins to undo her bra, which is struggling to keep her massive bust in check. Once her bra is removed, Saaya reveals the other main reason as to why she quit the Swim Club: the elongated, sensitive nipples that she has developed along with her recent explosion in bust size! Making sure that no one else is in the restroom, Saaya then proceeds to begin toying with her large breasts as she remembers back to that day one year ago, back when she had begun "experimenting" with her breasts by playing around with them whenever she was alone. Over time, both her nipples and breasts have increased in size, and to make matters worse, they have become extremely sensitive as well, adding to her pleasure whenever she has fun with herself. Taking out her cell phone, Saaya finds a image of her beloved Daisuke and places it between her breasts, staring at his picture as she gets off by fondling her sensitive nipples. As she wraps up her session, she notices that Daisuke is trying to call her in regards to what happened earlier between the two of them, and she is caught off guard by it. The dismayed Daisuke, who currently waits for Saaya outside of the bathroom door, swears aloud as his call to her goes unanswered. Frustrated, he makes his way down the hallway away from the bathroom.

Later that day, Saaya shows up to the massive swimming complex wearing one of her newer swimsuits, which now strains to keep her large bust in check as she makes her way towards the pool. Not surprised that her swimsuit does not fit due to her ever-increasing bust, Saaya ignores the fact that her long nipples stick out and climbs down into the pool, enjoying the sensation of the water around her body as she moves out into deeper water. A odd sound catches her attention, and before she realizes it, a pair of hands grab her breasts firmly and deliver a tight squeeze, much to her shock. Freaked out by running into someone in the middle of the pool, the confused Daisuke surfaces in front of her, gasping for breath as he lifts up his googles in order to see who he had just bumped into. To his horror, he finds himself looking at the furious face of Saaya, who has gone into a fit of rage over his accidental groping of her breasts. With a quick forward lunge, Saaya gets behind the shell-shocked Daisuke and puts him into a sleeper hold, trying to give him a hard time over his careless blunder as she asks him if he found her breasts to be nice or not. Still somewhat confused as to what exactly was going on, Daisuke stammers a jumbled response to her comment, before snapping to his senses and realizing that it is Saaya that he has run into.

Several minutes later, Saaya and Daisuke find themselves sitting on the edge of the pool together, with Minato wrapping up the explanation as to why she decided to quit the Swim Club. As Daisuke gives his input in regards to the looks and words that the male members give Saaya, she becomes frustrated with the fact that he has not talked about her "nips" yet. Turning to face her, Daisuke glances down at her massive bust and changes the subject of his conversation, bringing up the fact that her breasts have "gotten rather big all of a sudden", which snaps Saaya out of her train of thought as she turns to look at Daisuke. She is shocked to notice that he has gotten a rather stiff case of the infamous "morning wood", which causes her to quickly turn away in mild disgust as he panics and tries to push it back down. Before she knows it, her body begins to ache with a dull pain, her breasts growing hotter by the second as a odd wave of lust washes over the aching Saaya as Daisuke tries to restart the conversation that had been interrupted earlier. Much to his surprise, Saaya pushes him flat against the tile floor and climbs on top of him, blushing slightly as she demands for him to take responsibility for her actions. Puzzled, Daisuke struggles to put together exactly what she means, but is brought to a screeching halt when she pulls down her right part of her swimsuit in order to reveal her elongated nipple to him.

Losing control of both his pent-up desires and himself, the turned-on Daisuke launches into a rapid oral session with her hyper-sensitive breasts, toying and sucking on each of her nipples as the waves of pure ecstasy begin to wash over Saaya, who has also lost control of herself and finds herself getting kissed passionately by her beloved Daisuke. Deciding to go all out with her efforts to show just how much she loves him, Saaya engages him with a sloppy paizuri session, using her massive breasts in order to help him enjoy as much pleasure as she can possibly give him. Trying to help her along to orgasm, Daisuke redoubles his prior efforts at toying with the breasts, tugging and rubbing her hyper-sensitive nipples repeatedly until they are both close to achieving orgasm together. With one last massive squeeze of her breasts, they both achieve climax together as with little to no warning, a large quantity of breast milk begins spraying out of her stiffened nipples all over herself and the stunned Daisuke. For several seconds, they sit in a state of both confusion and surprise, since it usually means that you are pregnant to have any kind of lactation coming out of a woman's breasts. As the stunned Saaya realizes just what has happened, she snaps back to reality and tells Daisuke that he will be the one that she loves, having decided it back when they were kids. Blown away by her revealing her true feelings for him, the eager Daisuke prepares to engage her in proper sex as Saaya pulls her bottom part of her swimsuit away, revealing her vaginal area to him. Saaya wishes to confirm her feelings for him by allowing him to engage her sexually, and gives him the confidence to begin.

For the remainder of the chapter, both Daisuke and Saaya engage each other in a bout of wild sex, both achieving orgasm one more time as Daisuke discovers that he has had a fetish for breast milk that he never knew that he had. After they have finished, the pleased Daisuke asks her to please become his girlfriend, so that they can officially become a proper couple. Thinking it over for several seconds, the joyful Saaya agrees to his offer, and from that point onwards, the two of them are in a passionate relationship. The next day, Saaya is shown apologizing to the consultant for the Swim Club about her actions the day before, with Daisuke and another boy watching from inside the pool. After clearing herself of any trouble, she makes her way towards the exit of the building, which causes the caring Daisuke to climb out of the pool and rush over to her in order to see if she was ok or not. Saaya tells him that she has been forgiven, but is somewhat flustered when Daisuke tells her that he meant if her milk-swollen breasts were feeling ok or not. Grabbing his ear, she coyly tells him "If it comes to that, I'll let you wring them out a lot later, okay....my darling...". As she walks away humming to herself, the love-struck Daisuke gets a odd expression upon his blushing face, slowly repeating her name softly as both the consultant and the boy he was in the pool with look on in pure shock.

Other Media

Unlike her fellow Tsundero character Yoshii Yuka, who has several figures in production, Saaya Minato is not featured in any media or products outside of the main Tsundero hentai manga.

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Name: Minato Saaya
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Tsundero #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Saaya Minato
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