Millianna is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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One of Erza's childhood friends from their days as slaves working on the Tower of Heaven. She later worked for Gerard and though Erza betrayed them.


Millianna watches Erza in awe
Millianna watches Erza in awe

Millianna watches Erza and Jellal as they all struggle in the slave camps. When Erza lost her eye and Jellal gets beaten for killing the guards, Millianna feels disillusioned just like her friends. However, Erza refuses to give and attacks the guards and the other slaves who see her bravery joins in. During the battle, Millianna, Shou, Simon, and Wally watch in horror as Rob who protects Erza from the magic troops dies. Millianna sees Erza's magic awaken inside of her and tide of battle favors Erza and the slaves.

Back at the boat, Millianna and Wally watches television and a man who says "Dandy."


Millianna, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no information on what inspires the author to create her.


She did not change much throughout the story and she is still loyal to Erza, Jellal, Shou, Simon, and Wally. She, Shou, and Wally feels bad that she has cause Erza great burden.

Story Arc

Tower of Heaven Arc

Millianna makes her first appearance when she, Wally, Simon, and Shou attack the Erza and her friends at the casino. She attacks Lucy by using her ropes to disable her. Her ropes can stop a mage from using their magic and ties them up. Later, Millianna watches and plays with Happy in her room. Millianna's room is filled with kitty galore. When Natsu barges in Millianna's room and wears a kitty helmet, Wally attacks Natsu. Millianna and Happy who hears the fight rushes to Millianna's room. Millianna did not have the will to hurt Natsu due to his kitty helmet and tries to stop Wally. Wally snaps her out and Millianna sends her rope which ties Natsu down. However, Natsu's kitty cry for help makes Millianna drop her ropes which Natsu takes advantage of her weakness and defeats Millianna and Wally.

Erza's friends won't forget her
Erza's friends won't forget her

After Jellal convinces the council to fire etherion and Lucy and Juvia defeats Vidaldus, Simon telepathically tells Millianna and Wally to rescue Lucy and Juvia and to evacuate the tower. Millianna and the others find Natsu holding Erza bridal style near the beach. After a teary reunion, Erza invites Millianna and her friends to celebrate at the hotel. However, Millianna along with her friends make a decision to leave Erza because they do not want to burden their sister. They also want to live for themselves because that is freedom to them. However, Erza and her friends prepare a farewell ceremony with fireworks. Millianna and her friends cries tearfully as they will not ever forget Erza.

Fantasia parade

Millianna, Shou, and Wally attend the parade to watch Erza perform.


Nirvana Arc

After Zero is defeated and Nirvana crumbles, Hoteye informs Erza and her teammates that his brother is Wally Buchanan. Erza reassures Hoteye that Wally is exploring the world with Millianna and Shou.

Powers & Abilities

Millianna has a strange magic rope that can tie up an enemy and it disables them. Meaning the rope prevents the enemy from using their magic.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Fujii Yukiyo
General Information Edit
Name: Millianna
Name: ミリアーナ
Romanji: Miriāna
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #10
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #33
1st anime movie:
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