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The main enemy of Hellsing. Millennium is an organization founded by Hitler's Order 666 and led by the insane Major. Its purpose is to create an army of supernatural soldiers, to perpetuate an endless war.


The Major and beside on the left is Millennium's trump card:The Captain and on the right The Doctor
The Major and beside on the left is Millennium's trump card:The Captain and on the right The Doctor

Millennium was created by Hitler at the end of World War II. The aim of Millennium is to research supernatural beings and phenomena for military use. During this time the leader of the project, Montana Max worked with The Doctor for one purpose: making a vampire army.Each of the members include The Captain a tall silent man who is a Werewolf,Schrodinger at catboy who is everywhere and nowhere,Zorin Blitz a vampire with powers of illusion,Rip Van Winkle a vampirric sharpshooter,Luke Valentine with his Brother Jan Valentine,and Tubalcain Alhambra.

Walter C. Dornez the traitor of Hellsing turned Vampire
Walter C. Dornez the traitor of Hellsing turned Vampire

In 1944 this dream was nearly smashed by two Hellsing operatives Walter C. Dornez and Alucard possessing a girl's body, the two left believing they had killed everyone and ended the project. After the war the project disappeared for a time. After getting funding from the Vatican, they escaped to Brazil taking the Last Battalion, an army of thousands of SS troops, with them. They began their project over again this time succeeding in creating an army of Vampires.

Luke and Jan Valentine the Valentine brothers
Luke and Jan Valentine the Valentine brothers
Tubalcain Alhambra:The dandy man
Tubalcain Alhambra:The dandy man

The Major reappeared in 1999 and began his assault by sending the Valentine brothers to destroy Hellsing HQ the two brothers failed and were destroyed. The Major pushed plans forward by temporarily removing Alucard from the picture by sending a captured battleship to lure him to fight one of his vampires and then disabling the boat so it could not be piloted. Once Alucard was out the picture Montana Max moved the Millennium army into Brittan.

The Assault on Brittan began as an army of vampires descended into London, killing anything that moved. During the battle organizations such as Hellsing and Section XIII joined in. Millennium destroyed most of the Brittan’s land marks and also captured their once greatest enemies, Walter C. Donez and turned him into one of their vampires.

The remnants of the Batallion were destroyed after the Major's last cards, the vampirized Walter and the Captain, were slain. While triumphant in their goal to temporarily banish Alucard, Millennium ultimately proved to be a fool's dream, as no survivors of the team were recorded to survive the England assault, and instead awakened a vampire that could prove to be Alucard's match: the Draculina Seras Victoria, cemented Integra Hellsing's faith in humanity, and ultimately endowed Alucard with all of Schrodinger's abilities.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Millennium
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
Aliases The Last Battalion
1st manga book: Hellsing #2
1st anime episode: Hellsing Ultimate #2
1st anime movie:
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