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The Akatsuki are a seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames that are used by the Black Knights for basic infantry.

Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan

The Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan are a variant of the seventh-generation mass-production Akatsuki that have been customized for squadron leaders of the Black Knights.

Battle Jacket

The Battle Jacket is the best defense against the Mimics

Briggs Tank

The Briggs Tanks are heavy armored mobile weapons and equipped with a heavy-artillery cannon, developed by the Research and Development teams at Fort Briggs for front line combat.

Burai Customs

The Burai Customs are five customized fifth-generation Knightmare Frames. Upgraded for combat for the Four Holy Swords of the Black Knights, formerly of the Japanese Liberation Front.

Fire Nation Tank Train

The Fire Nation Tank Train is a heavily armored vehicle used for transportation.

G-1 Base

The G-1 Base is the mobile military base and launching point for Knightmare Frames of the Britannian Empire in the Area 11 Tokyo Settlement. Under the direct command of the viceroy of Area 11.


The Gareth is a seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frame, based on the prototype Gawain. Used by the Britannian Army and Glaston Knights.

Grausam Valkyrie Squad Vincent

The Grausam Valkyrie Squad Vincent are two seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames, modeled after the Vincent. Piloted by the Valkyrie Squad under the command of Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley.


The Ikaruga is the flying-armed fortress of the Black Knights and serves as living quarters and dock for their KMFs.


The Lancelot is first of the seventh-generation of Knightmare Frames. Created by Lloyd Asplund and assisted by Cecile Croomy. Piloted by Suzaku Kururugi.

Lancelot Frontier

The Lancelot Frontier is a pink-model of the Lancelot that was created using salvaged parts of other Knightmare Frames, equipped with the shield of Percival. Piloted by C.C.

Magnificent Lightning

The JZW1 Magnificent Lightning is the latest prototype of Striker Units. Finally completed and piloted by Yoshika Miyafuji.


Throws a bunch of rockets to his enemy.


The Mordred if a custome eight-generation Knightmare Frame, equipped with a quad-barrel Stark Hadron Cannon. Piloted by Anya Alstreim.

Navy Ships

Navy Ships are the vessels used by the Marine Forces of the World Government in the One Piece series.


The Panzer-Hummel is a military grade Knightmare Frame that is used by the Euro-Universe.


The Percival is a custom eighth-generation of Knightmare Frame. Piloted by Luciano Bradley, the Britannain Vampire.


The Portman are amphibious fourth-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames. Used by the Britannian Army.


The Raikou is a large anti-Knightmare Frame cannon created using the parts for four modified Glasgow KMFs for parts, stability, and maneuvering. Used by the Japanese Liberation Force.

State Alchemist Pocket Watch

The State Alchemist Pocket Watch is a special form of badge given to the members of the State Alchemists branch of the Amestrian State Military.

Vincent Commander Model

Vincent Commander Modelare are seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames, modeled after the Vincent. Used by the Britannian Army.

Vincent Ward

The Vincent Ward are seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames, modeled after the Vincent. The weaker of the variants, but still highly effective.

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