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Home country of Ed and Al from Fullmetal Alchemist. The country was created by Father for only one purpose: to make a Nationwide Transmutation Circle.


Briggs is a cold and mountainous region at the northern most tip of the nation of Amestris. It is the border to Drachma.

Central City

Central City is the capital at the heart of Amestris.

East City

East City is the capital for the eastern portion of the nation of Amestris.

Fort Briggs

Fort Briggs is the main military base for the Amestrain State Military that block the border of the neighboring Drachma. Commanded by Major General Olivier Armstrong.

G-2 Marine Base

The G-2 Marine Base is a military base of the Marine Forces that also serves as a prison.

Shintoko Third Elementary School

The Shintoko Third Elementary School is a school in Tokonosu City where Takashi Komuro's mother works as a teacher.

Ti Toh

Ti Toh is the imperial capital of Kunan

Tokonosu City

Tokonosu City is a metropolitan city in Japan and the setting of Highschool of the Dead.

Tokonosu Offshore International Airport

Tokonosu Offshore International Airport is an isolated airport just off the shore of Tokonosu City. It was used by VIPs for evacuation.

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