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Military Arts is a anime/manga concept
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Alsheyra Almonise

Queen of the Lance Shelled Regios of Grendan, a moving city with the reputation of having the strongest Military Artists. She's the strongest fighter and the leader of the 12 Heavens Blade Successors.


One of Esdeath's 3 Beasts. He uses a great-axe and desires greater strength.


Member of 10th Platoon.

Dinn Dee

Leader of the 10th Platoon, the team Sharnid originally worked with.

Dixerio Maskane

Mysterious figure who experienced the world outside the Regios. He fights the Wolf Masks and appears to have a vendetta against Ignasis. Dixerio is the protagonist of the spin-off story, Regios Crusade.

Felli Loss

Psychokinesist of the 17th Platoon. She's forced into Military Arts just like Layfon and she's the sister of the current Student Council President of Zuellni. She befriends Layfon calls him as 'Fon-fon'.

Gorneo Luckens

Student from Grendan and as such he has great skills in Military Arts.

Haia Salinvan Laia

Young Leader of the Salinvan Mercenary Guidance Gang, Haia seeks to find the Haikizoku and bring it to Grendan. Haia learned from the same Psyharden school as Layfon and yearns to prove his superiority over the latter.

Isaac MacDougal

Isaac MacDougal is the former member of the State Alchemists who turned on the military after the Ishvalan Civil War. Known as the Freezing Alchemist, he specializes in using water in his alchemy.

Layfon Alseif

He's a former Heavens Blade Reciever from Grendan and as such his skill is a way over any other fighter in Zuellni.

Lieri Bishop

Lieri Bishop is a senior commanding investigator for the Federal Space Forces. She's been investigating the Neo Terrors Faction with her partner Naomi Evans.

Lintence Haden

Lintence is a stoic and aloof person with heavy chain-smoking habit. One of the strongest Heaven's Blade Successors from Grendan who taught Layfon the use of Steel Threads.


General Mung is a officer of the Fire Nation army in charge of a factory to create metal for the military.

Naruki Gerni

One of the first new friends Layfon makes in Zuellni, along with Mifi and Mei-shen. Originally comes from transportation city Yortem. She dreams of becoming a police officer.

Nina Antalk

Nina is a strong-willed and very passionate about Military Arts. She's the captain of the fresh 17th platoon. She recruits Layfon into her platoon after she accidentally saw his skill at Military Arts.

Savaris Luckens

Heavens Blade Wielder from Grendan and member of the renowned Luckens family.Powerful Military Artist.

Shante Laite

Shante is a member of Gorneo Luckens Platoon. Has a very cat-like demeanour. She's very loyal to Gorneo, and even idolizes him.

Sharnid Elipton

Sharnid acts as the sniper of 17th Platoon. he is considered a bit of a flirt.

Vance Hardy

Leader of the 1st Platoon and thus the commander of all Military Artists in Zuellni. He and Karian are good friends.

Vice-Admiral Dalmatian

Vice-Admiral Dalmatian is a member of the Marines forces out of Marineford. He had the Dog-Dog Fruit Model: Dalmatian.

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