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A special kind of martial arts used by Military Artists in Chrome Shelled Regios. They use the special power of Kei and the weapons called as Dites to defeat Filth Monsters.


The Military Arts bears much similarity to the Chi powers from other martial arts-themed animes/mangas. Only special people born with the an organ named Kei Vein can use Military Arts. The Kei Vein creates something like a secondary circulation system inside the Military Artists' body and controls the flow of Kei. Any kind of damage to the Kei Vein draws negative consequences to the Military Artist's own health. Losing the Kei Vein means death.

Filth Monsters - huge towering creatures. The only beings able to survive on their own on the desolate world of Regios.
Filth Monsters - huge towering creatures. The only beings able to survive on their own on the desolate world of Regios.

The primary role of a Military Artists to protect the normal citizens against the Filth Monsters' attack. They're fighting in groups where the teamwork is essential. The only exception are the Heavens Blade Recievers. They are so powerful they can defeat even swarms of Filth Monsters on their own.

Their secondary role is to fight with other Military Artists. It's rare to encounter a Filth Monster but the moving cities are in constant need of Selenium, a mysterious material. Without that the city is eventually doomed. If two moving city meets each other then they hold an Inter-City Military Arts Competition where the price is the possession of a Selenium Mine from the opposing city.

The Military Arts have three types. Internal Kei release, External Kei release and Psychokinesis. The later is an unusual mix between the two and can't be learned. People are born with them. They're called as Psychokinesist and can move objects with their minds alone or communicate telepathically. They're usually staying behind the frontlines and support the others by creating communication networks between their teammates and gathering information about the whole battlefield.

Military Arts Techniques

The world of Regios has countless Military Arts techniques. Aside from the common and general techniques every city has it's own special techniques. The different skills are using the Kei sometimes in a fundamentally different way. One can't master every technique in its life no matter how hard he or she tries. There are a few exceptions though. For example Layfon possesses a genius talent at learning new Kei skills and he can almost literally steal Kei abilities by properly observing it. He can use different forms of Kei though except the ways of Psyharden he hasn't mastered any of them yet. There are two distinct categories of Kei abilities: Internal Kei release and External Kei release. The anime barely tells us anything detailed about the various Kei techniques but the original source, the Light Novel explains a lot.

Internal Kei Release

Skills focusing on the use of Kei inside the body. It can reinforce or enhance the body or even their senses, giving them superior physical capabilities. In contrast with the external type Kei techniques the Internal Kei release abilities have their names rarely mentioned. The unnamed techniques have their (improvised and matter-of-factly) names shown in italics to indicate they don't have an exact name.

Self-healing: Every single Military Artist has enhanced healing metabolism on default. They can heal their wounds faster and can resist certain illnesses. Altough, the world of Regios has highly advanced medicine to heal almost anything. Only a few really powerful Military Artist possesses healing abilities higher that.

Voice Strengthening: The skill strengthens and alters temporary the vocal cords. It is ideal to threaten someone and the vibrations can disorient people and make them tremble. Alternatively there's a skill to simply make the voices louder.

Telescopic Vision: Military Artists can see better and farther than normal by flowing Kei to their eyes. Snipers and other Military Artists specialized for long-range combat are experts in it.

Whirl Kei: By strengthening the legs Military Artists can run at high speeds. The Whirl Kei puts that to the extreme and temporary increase the speed to incredible values. It needs great skill and control of Internal Kei to be possible. With Whirl Kei someone can make near-instant dashes or charges at short distance. It's only weakness is that the user can't really control this speed and moves only in a straight line. Masters of this technique can move freely though.

Hearing Enhancement: Military Artists can enhance their hearing to find and detect sounds from a much wider range.

Low-light Vision: A technique allowing to fight even at almost complete darkness. It was Shante's speciality unitl Layfon "stole" it from her.

External Kei Release

Kei ability to use Kei outside of the body. They are more difficult to use but usually much more devastating also. In contrast with the Internal Type Kei the External Type abilities are usually offensive instead of being defensive.

External Kei Burst: The most basic but neverthless destructive External Kei move. It can appear in various forms like straight force or even a radial blast. External Kei Burst usually needs some preparation and certain concentration to do, leaving the user defenseless.

Needle Kei: Extremely concentrated and focused Kei Burst. It is strong enough to send them flying or even pierce others, depending on its power. It is possible to create more than one Kei needles and aim them independently. Layfon can use Needle Kei with near surgical precision.

Whirl Kei: The technique creates a whirling burst of wind to disarm and knock out multiple opponents.

Dispersed Kei: A technique to fuse one's Kei with the soil particles on the ground. The user can control and move the pieces of earth mixed with his Kei freely making it a really versatile form of attack. So far only Gorneo Luckens used this, but its likely that his brother Savaris can do the same if not better.

Enke Shoudan: The technique forms and shoots small bullets of fire. A difficult ability and so far only Shante Laite has show to have this technique.

Fire enhancement: Layfon, Haia, Shante and Gorneo is capable of enhancing their attacks with fire. They can make their weapons or even their hands burn with fire making the attacks incendiary and more dangerous. The technique has no certain name mentioned.

Electric enhancement: Nina and Dixeo can enhancing their attacks with electricy. They can make their weapons or their bodies cover in it.

Roar Kei: The supposed ultimate move of the Luckens. It releases strong sounds and vibrations as powerful offensive attack. There's no known way to protect against a well-executed Roar Kei though there are a few ways to lessen its force. Roar Kei can be used as pure concusive force or as a harmful vibration weave to damage internal organs. Roar Kei itself can be used for both offense and defense. Other than Savaris, Layfon too can use Roar Kei and he uses it at extreme situations.

Quick Wind: It is a technique which covers the Luckens martial arts style movements in wind. The user can create powerful and concentrated blades of wind and shoot them out simultaneously with the attack.

Fierce Wind Style: An improvement of the Quick Wind. The technique covers the whole body of the Military Artist in wind while the he/she spins fiercely. As a consequence it releases dozens of strong wind blades at the opponent.

Flash: A strong Kei burst shaped like the curve of the sword's swing. In terms of power Flash is much stronger and requires more Kei than the Needle Kei.

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