Mikumo Kushinada

Mikumo Kushinada is a anime/manga character in the History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi franchise
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Mikumo Kushinada, is the notorious Jujutsu Legenadary Master, as well as the Bewitching Fist of Yami's One Shadow, Nine Fists. She is the legendary Master and also noted foster mother of High Class Disciple, Chikage Kushinada. She is the sole female member of the Yami's unarmed fighting Divison.


Mikumo Kushinada is created by Syun Matsuena as a supporting character in History's Strongest Disciple. She has no information regarding any early art work, name changes or any inspiration used by her creator or the staff in her character design.



Mikumo is a svelte, curvaceous and very well-endowed, young-looking woman of who appears to be in her mid-early 20's. Her image is profoundly due to her family's experimentation on their bodies to halt the aging process, although she's in her 90s, she has been recurrently seen cruising in a multitude of exorbitant-looking sports cars. She has lengthy waist length black hair gently cascaded with a gleaming shine at the top of her hair downward. Always seen wearing an open Kimono, showing off her chest, attached to her neck is a wooded bead necklace. In her youth, it should be noted that her hair was considerably shorter, reaching down to her chin, her breasts were also not in such a prodigious proportion, she was also slightly shorter.


Mikumo Kushinada, is one of the most cold-blooded, unemotional and pensive members of Yami revealed. She consistently displays a grim expression akin to her emotions which are most frequently in a a nihilism-like fashion, she does showcase a seemingly unimpressed surprise and state of despondency on her face while in combat or killing. Her moral code dictates that she must keep her emotions in complete control, and that that is a crucial and important aspect for battle, she openly states that losing one's temper will dull and impair one's skills. She's very quaint of meditating, as she tends to in-gauge in long periods of meditate when she has the free time at hand.


  • Chikage Kushinada

Although when dealing with Chikage, of whom Mikumo treats with humanistic and mother-like emotions and care, more so than any other member of Yomi, this is possibly because she's her prized and sole disciple of whom shares emotions closely related to Mikumo, she seems to treat her as her own daughter. Even so, at times her motherly relationship with Chikage, at times is not as maternal as it would seem to appear. As Mikumo's disciple is more focused on turning Chikage into a emotionless, and ruthless killing machine, often attempting to manipulate and dull her emotions, rather than as a person. Having witnessed Chikage crying over having to kill Ukita and Kisara, Mikumo swiftly knocked her out, and attempted to iniquitously brainwash her into becoming her model emotionless, and ruthless killer, saying that she wanted to "break" her into becoming her ideal successor. She was quite indignant at Chikage, as she abandoned their plan to help the pride of their masters, as to killing the Shinpaku Alliance, even considering leaving fighting the Ryozanpaku masters just to stop her.

General Information Edit
Name: Mikumo Kushinada
Name: 櫛灘 美雲
Romanji: Kushinada Mikumo
Gender: Female
1st manga book: History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi #29
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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Unarmed Combat
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Super Speed
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Attractive Female
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