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A beautiful, yet cryptic female student who writes a urgent letter to Takuto that she knows that he has been "possessed" by sinister demons, Mikoto really longs to be with the stunned Takuto, who is blown away by the fact that the girl he loves would go this far!


Known by most at her school for her beautiful appearances, wonderful grades, and "unique" views regarding certain rituals or things of a spiritual nature, Mikoto has earned the admiration of nearly all of the freshmen-grade students at school, including the shy Takuto. After "seeing" that sinister, demonic spirits are currently possessing the hapless Takuto, she decides to step forward and help him confront his demons through her methods of "exorcising" whatever is within his body through sex!


Mikoto was originally created by the talented manga artist Takuto for use in the Reikan Shoujo to Himitsu no Gishiki voulme.


Outside of expressing her unique "interests" in the surprised Takuto and developing a connection with him, Mikoto does not evolve much in this one-shot volume.

Mikoto's Involvement in the Reikan Shoujo to Himitsu no Gishiki Franchise (H-manga)

Reikan Shoujo to Himitsu no Gishiki (One Shot)

Reikan Shoujo (Vol. One)
Reikan Shoujo (Vol. One)

Envisioning that Takuto, one of her fellow classmates, has become possessed by foul demonic spirits, Mikoto decides to arrange a meeting with him by letter so that she can help remove the sinister demons that have taken residence within his body. She places the letter where he will find it, telling him to meet up with her inside of a empty classroom so that she can talk to him. Later in the day, Takuto honors her invitation and makes his way towards the arranged meeting place, which is in a empty classroom on one of the upper floors of the school. Arriving at the empty classroom, Takuto steps inside and comes face to face with Mikoto, who looks at him oddly with her captivating eyes as he walks closer towards her. Raising her left hand, she points at him and says "You are being possessed by something evil", much to Takuto's surprise. Freaking out somewhat, Takuto's mind begins racing, unable to fully comprehend the situation as his strong feelings for Mikoto take over his mind. He accidentally mutters part of what his mind was envisioning aloud, catching the attention of Mikoto and causing Takuto to freak out even more, now that his true feelings have been revealed to the girl he has a crush on. Reaching out to him with her right hand, Mikoto offers to help "exorcise" the demonic spirits that she claims to have taken up residence within his own body, which Takuto nervously agrees to as he recovers from his minor freakout.

Before Takuto knows it, Mikoto begins stripping off her school jacket in front of him, revealing to him her ample bust as a longing look of lust appears within both of her stunning eyes. As his mind ponders why she is removing her clothes, Mikoto leans forward towards him and much to Takuto's surprise, gives him a passionate kiss on the lips. Now kissing each other, Takuto gives into her attempt to "exorcise" the demons from his body, his mind unable to think clearly as he becomes hopelessly lost in his strong passion for her. Making her move, Mikoto unbuttons his shirt and licks playfully at his chest, her free hand making it's way down towards his pants as she whispers how she will "remove" his demons through magic. Turning her full attention to his lower half, Mikoto unbuttons his pants and pulls down the zipper in order to gain access to his genitals as she tells him "...to think such a thing lurked down here". Eyes wide open in stunned surprise, Takuto starts thinking that this has to be some sort of dream, for nothing like this has ever happened to him and it just was too flabbergasting to even consider actually happening. Beginning the "exorcism", Mikoto goes to work on Takuto by performing oral sex on him, using her mouth in order to "remove" whatever evil spirits hide within.

After several minutes of Mikoto's session with him, Takuto reaches his sexual limit and stuggles to not accidentally release any of his sperm, afraid to do something that will ruin the moment. Standing up, Mikoto promptly pulls down her top, revealing her large, ample breasts to the stunned Takuto. Before he knows it, she places his genital between her breasts and begins moving them around, licking the exposed tip with her tongue as she "works" to remove the stubborn spirt that possesses his genitals. Unable to restrain his body anymore due to the way Mikoto is stimulating him, Takuto unloads his seed upon her breasts and face, much to her delight as she licks up whatever has been sprayed upon her bossom and face. Breathing deeply and blown away by what is happening to him, Takuto freaks out and begins to apologize to Mikoto, afraid that she might have not liked what had just happened, but she tells him that she does not mind at all. Deciding that it will take even more "extreme" measures in order to help expel the demons within him, Mikoto stands up and removes her panties, revealing her most private spot to the thunderstruck Takuto as she lowers herself down upon his legs. Now really freaking out, especially since she is about to lower herself upon his genitals and begin intercourse with him, Takuto tries to reason with her as she lines up her vagina with his junk and slowly pushes down upon it, but his pleas fall upon deaf ears, since Mikoto is determined to rid him of what haunts him once and for all.

Reikan Shoujo (Vol. One)
Reikan Shoujo (Vol. One)

With a slow thrust of her hips, she allows him to go deep within her body, and thus the wild sex begins. For several minutes, the two of them engage in passionate sex, reaching the eventual climax when they both reach orgasm together. Somewhat surprised, Mikoto says that he has released his seed within her as she sits up to perform one last session of oral sex upon him to complete the "exorcism" process upon him. She asks him if he thought that she had performed the exorcism well, and the two of them lock eyes for several seconds. Suddenly, Mikoto jumps to her feet and swiftly gets dressed, saying that she must be going due to what time it was. Unsure of if she has really removed the demons that were within him (since he has fallen into her train of thought), he grabs her hand as she tries to leave and asks her if it was indeed a success. Turning to face him, she tells him that it was all a bluff so she could have sex with him, and calls him a dummy for falling for her scheme. Blown away by everything that has happened to him in the last hour, Takuto watches her rush out of the room, his stunned mind struggling to comprehend what just happened.

In the end, Mikoto and Takuto would meet up with each over every now and then, usually whenever she wanted to "perform" various things with him. They build up a quasi-relationship, one built on random meetings with each other that usually involved having sex with each other. Somewhat irritated, Takuto just wishes that Mikoto would just ask him out like every other girl usually does. Mikoto, being a little "odd" in the head compared to most girls her age and associating magical/spiritual things into what she does, decides that it is better the way it is (with the random meetings between the two lovers).

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Name: Mikoto
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Reikan Shoujo to Himitsu no Gishiki #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Mikoto
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