Mikoto Kondō

Mikoto Kondō is a anime/manga character in the Kämpfer franchise
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The childhood friend of Natsuru Seno who spends most of her childhood traveling abroad with her archaeologist father, Mikoto Kondo returns from her adventures around the world and meets up with Natsuru. Unknown to her, he now is a Blue Kampfer, the enemies of Red Kampfers like herself.


A cheerful, caring girl who spent most of her younger years traveling around the world with her father in the pursuit of rare and valuable archaeological discoveries, Mikoto Kondo returns from her long absence in order to reestablish herself around town. She is one of Natsuru Seno's few true friends and seems to harbor quite a crush on him. However, not everything is as it appears with Mikoto, for she now is a Red Kampfer who is sworn to battle and kill Blue Kampfers. Unknown to her, Natsuru is a Blue Kampfer, and this leads to major issues down the road.


Mikoto Kondo was originally created by ___ for use in the Kampfer manga and light novel, and it is not fully known as to what inspired her creation. Mikoto first appears in both Kampfer #1 and Kampfer: Volume One.



Mikoto Kondo's Involvement in the Kampfer Franchise (Anime/Manga)



As seen with fellow Red Kampfer Shizuku Sango, Mikoto is a Schwert-type Kampfer who is a master of blade-like weapons in combat against other Kampfers. Unlike the dual-chained daggers that Shizuku wields, Mikoto wields a katana in battle and isn't afraid to use it in order to ensure victory. She gains access to heightened agility, increased stamina, and the skills of a master swordsman whenever in her Red Kampfer form. Her hair turns silver and her school outfit that she wears becomes the inverse color (white becomes black) whenever she transforms.

Old: (Mikoto is the daughter of an archaeologist, and spends most of her time abroad. in fact, in the anime, she spent the first half of season 1 visiting differnet countries around the world, such as Chad, Suriname, Antigua & Barbuda, to name a few. when she returns, she becomes a red kämpfer, and is automatically allied with Shizuku Sango. when she arrives in Japan, she fights female Natsuru, thinking of her as a rival. however, this stopped when she learned of Natsuru's identity.)

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kana Asumi
General Information Edit
Name: Mikoto Kondō
Name: 近堂 水琴
Romanji: Kondō Mikoto
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Kämpfer #1
1st anime episode: Kampfer #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Mikoto Kondo
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Attractive Female
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