Mikito Shinonome

Mikito Shinonome is a anime/manga character in the Eiken franchise
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Chiharu Shinonome's identical younger brother. Likes to disguise himself as a female (which includes fake breasts) to look like Chiharu.

Mikito is one year younger than his sister Chiharu Shinonome, making him the second child of Keiko Shinonome. He used to disguise himself to look like his sister and cause havoc when they were in elementary school. He goes to a boarding school so he's never home and once he heard his sister had invited a boy (Densuke Mifune) to the house, he decided to test him.

His first appearance was in Volume 8 Chapter 64. He disguise himself to look like his sister and tried to seduce Densuke in a way Chiharu would never do and almost forced a kiss on Densuke if Chiharu didn't come back. When everything is cleared Mikito told Densuke that he based the test this time and he can trust him to date his sister, but also told him that he is interested in him in more than one way now and wink for him. This shock and scare Densuke so much.

Later, he visit his home (Volume 11 Chapter 93), but the doors were lock so he went to find his sister to get the keys. He encounter Densuke who mistake him for his sister until Mikito remind him of who he is. Densuke decided to help Mikito find his sister, but Mikito almost made some troubles every time he sees someone who knows Chiharu and Densuke. While the sun is setting Mikito tried to seduce Densuke into kissing him, saying that since Densuke want to kiss his sister he should train with him and kissing is like saying hello these times, which almost succeeded if not for Densuke embarrassment to do so and the arrival. However, while explaining things to Chiharu Densuke fell on Mikito while he was walking toward them and the two fall from the top of the stairs and accidentally kissing each others. Mikito, while blushing, admitted that this was his first kiss and thought that Densuke really wanted to kiss him before. Chiharu was shocked and it took ten days to convince her that it was an accident.

In Volume 11 Chapter 94, it's shown that he has fallen for Densuke and attempt to win him. Densuke was invited to watch the cherry blossom with Chiharu and her siblings. Mikito was there still disguise himself as a female. When Yuriko Shinonome showed that she was displeased by Densuke and Chiharu getting closer Mikito agreed, but stated that he don't want Densuke getting closer to either of them. Yuriko angrily ask the meaning of this and if Mikito is into Densuke too, to which Mikito simply answered that what if he was whih irritated his sister even more and told him that he is a boy and Densuke too, but Mikito replyed with being a boy doesn't have anything to do with it. When it was lunch time Mikito and Yuriko tried to get Densuke to eat the food they made, but each one had something to do with the other meal and both started to argue while Densuke eat the food the younger siblings made for him. Yuriko tried to get Densuke to eat the sushi with her from mouth to mouth Mikito tried counter this by chewing the food and make it salt like baby food and then give it to Densuke throw mouth to mouth. Yuriko tried to do the same-thing and each one tried to be the one who do it first only for the two of them to scare Densuke and result in him running in circle with them chasing after him. This stopped when Chiharu feed Densuke some of her food with her stick. Densuke was embarrassed and made an excuse with washing the sticks to get away. However, even this din't get far from the competition of the two sibling who are still determine to make him their. The first to appear was Mikito in a bathing suit trying to seduce Densuke. A shocked Densuke asked him why is he in a bathing suit and Mikito answered, while getting closer and jumping on Densuke, that it's better than watching the cherry blossom and since his sister Yuriko is after him too, so he should get serious. Yuriko appear wearing the same bathing suit claiming that Mikito stole her idea, but he tell her that since they are siblings they think alike. Densuke knowing that he will get a nosebleed if he kept staring at them, ran as fast as he can knowing they are too fast for him to run from. While Densuke found himself on a tree without knowing who he got up there, the the siblings appear trying to get him drunk to make him their the same way again and Densuke fell from the tree on the top of Chiharu. Both of Yuriko and Mikito start to blame each other as the tree branch they're setting on break and they fall and swallow the drinks they tried to get Densuke drunk and end up getting themselves drunk. Later Mikito is seen with his sister drinking while they are drunk.

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Name: Mikito Shinonome
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Eiken #8
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Mikki
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