Miki Mazumade

Miki Mazumade is a anime/manga character
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Miki Mazumade plays the sex addict teacher in the AV movie "Slutty Teacher".

Miki Mazumade is an adult video actress who plays the lustful teacher Miss. M in the porn movie titled "Slutty Teacher" that appeared in the manga Domin-8 Me (created by Sessyu Takemura) as part of a side story that had no baring on the over all plot of the book.
In this segment of the manga's story, Hikaru Ohno has made a bet with her childhood rival Ryoko Enatsu to see who's boyfriend is superior. Unknown to Hikaru, Ryoko has set up the challenge of baseball behind Hikaru's back, and Ryoko's boyfriend, Koichi Tatsukawa, is the school's star baseball player. The terms of the bet is that the loser will be the slave of the winner. When Hikaru finds out about this deception, she steps in for her boyfriend, Tomonori Tsuda; and the outcome of the next pitch appears to hold the fate of the bet. The erotic scene with Miss. M and her student finishes up CH. 7. The out of this pitch isn't shown until the very end.

In the story, Miss. M is a sexual addict teacher who is having an involved affair with one of her own students. While performing fellatio on him, he mocks her that he's become bored with her and intends to leave her for another. Miss. M pleads with the boy and tells him she will do anything for him.
To prove this loyalty he has her stand atop a desk and insert a vibrating dildo into her own anus. He proceeds to mock her, humiliate her, and abuses her by pushing the dildo further in with his foot, but she shows herself as a masochist since she enjoyed the abuse. He then proceeds to rip her pantyhose further and has sex with her. The scene finishes as she says that being a slut feels good.
By the next page, it's revealed that Tomonori was in the school's AV room and this was all just a scene from a porn movie titled "Slutty Teacher". It seems Tomonori left the baseball field while Hikaru played and went to the AV room to watch a porn and masterbate. The last turn at bat where the cliffhanger from earlier in the chapter is revealed. The ball was such a powerful home-run that Hikaru knocked it out of the field, through the window of the AV room, and knocked Tomonori in the head. He had just attained climax, and sits up to break the 4th wall and realize the story is still going on.

The addition of this scene to the manga appears to of been more out of comedic effect since it interrupted a cliffhanger moment. At the finale of the scene did the reader see the outcome. Also, most of this chapter was all story and this scene with Miss. M was the only graphic sex scene in the chapter.
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Name: Miki Mazumade
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Domin-8 Me #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Miss. M
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Attractive Female
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