Miki Aoi

Miki Aoi is a anime/manga character
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Darkness Aoi is a female wrestler who is seeking challenges. Her name is infamous as she is scorned by people such as of the Sumeragi family.


Young Miki Aoi - Darkness Aoi
Young Miki Aoi - Darkness Aoi

Miki Aoi was a young female wrestler who was a new shining star in the Jipang Production company, but after Beauty Panther retired much of the attention went away. To keep the alive and protect the other women Miki Aoi was forced to have sex with a sponsor, who is a disgusting, bald, middle-age man. The sponsor tells her that women wrestlers were goods, and they have to check their investments. Beauty Panther could do nothing to stop this abuse when she finds out and apologizes to Miki, but Miki reassures her that she is doing her best to keep female wrestling alive. They failed to break her spirit.

Eventually, the growing molestation she endured for so long became to much. She turned on the sponsors and beat them senseless. Kaoru Sanjo, who had recently returned from America after studying sports management, arrived and assured Miki that he had all he needed to keep their mouth shut. He swept through the Jipang Production and cleaned out the corruption. She took on the role of Darkness Aoi. She became a fighter of insurmountable skill that all strive to overcome, but none were ever able to defeat. None of the other wrestlers knew of how she had suffered to save them all.


Ring x Mama Vol. 1 JPN (Aug 2008)
Ring x Mama Vol. 1 JPN (Aug 2008)

Miki Aoi is the main antagonist of the Ring X Mama series created by Jouji Manabe. It originally began serialization in Takeshobo's NaMaiki! magazine. He has no information regarding any inspiration used to create her.

Her first appearance was in Ring X Mama Volume 1 CH. 9 "Round 9".


Even though Miki Aoi is seen as a bad wrestler, she has a soft side to her which is revealed to Ryoma who had sex with her. Plus, she only tells Ryoma about her dark past and the corruption in Jipang. Ryoma vows to make sure that Japan's female wrestling will not fall in the wrong hands.


  • Ryoma Hamazaki - She and Ryoma have a good relationship, and they had sex a couple of times.
  • Sanjo Kaoru and Iwakura - They despise Miki Aoi, but they still allow her to visit the Sumeragi Mansion to pay her respects for Beauty Panther.

Story Arcs

She first appears at the Sumeragi Mansion for Beauty Panther's anniversary of death much to Iwakura and Sanjo's disgust. Darkness Aoi tells them that she is looking forward to fighting Team Gigamax. She then makes another appearance when Team Gigamax has their fame and photo shoots. She tells Ryoma that she will defeat their team.

General Information Edit
Name: Miki Aoi
Name: 葵 光希
Romanji: Aoi Miki
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Ring X Mama #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Darkness Aoi
Powers & Battle Rankings Edit
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Attractive Female
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Unarmed Combat
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