Mikan Sakura

Mikan Sakura is a anime/manga character in the Gakuen Alice franchise
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Mikan Sakura is the main Protagonist of the series.


Mikan Sakura was created by mangaka Tachibana Higuchi. She is voiced by Kana Ueda in the anime.

Major Arcs

She went to Alice Academy in order to meet her best friend Hotaru Imai, by stealing her grandpa's money. Outside the school, she met Narumi. Narumi then told her to stay on the class for a week, then she can study there. When she go to the class, all of the student gave her sinister gaze, because Mikan don't know what Alice she has, insulting Natsume Hyuuga, and she underestimate alice. She can prove her Alice by Natsume's fire alice, and stay at the academy.

Mikan is inserted to the Special Ability class. She get no-star ranking, because she made Jinno sensei angry. She then can get one star, because she rescued Natsume.

In the elementary school principal incident, Mikan discovered her Insertion alice she inherit from her mother, Yuka. She inserted some alice stones to herself and her friends, making them received many other Alice. Mikan got Amplification, Telepathy, and Teleportation Alice. After the incident, she's moved to the Dangerous Ability Class.

Also, after the incident, she has to stay in one room, make her feel lonely. Natsume sometimes visit her, since they like each other.


She has two alices, Nullification Alice (other can't use Alice on her) and Stealing Alice (she can steal any alice and turn them into Alice stones).

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kana Ueda
General Information Edit
Name: Mikan Sakura
Name: 佐倉 蜜柑
Romanji: Mikan Sakura
Gender: Female
Birthday: 01/01/1993
1st manga book: Gakuen Alice #1
1st anime episode: Alice Academy #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Strawberry Panties
Ichigo Kara
Mikan no Kimi
Polka-dot Panties
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