Spring 2014 Trailer: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Special (OVA)

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  • Producer: Dogakobo
  • Release Date: March 19

Plot: A one bonus episode special that was bundled with the First BD and DVD release. Yonomori Kobeni is a high school student who leads a pretty normal life... and then the day of her 16th birthday arrives. Despite having very little presence, her fiance, Mitsumine Hakuya shows up suddenly along with her sister-in-law, a little girl named Mitsumine Mashiro. Without any prior explanation, they begin their peculiar life together. Kobeni's older sister, Yonomori Benio, who has has a sister complex and is a bit of a pervert is thrown into the mix and things get even weirder. Kobeni's life is no longer normal.

2nd Video says OAD. Not sure if this is actually the episode special. Plus, it has really good video quality.

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@takashichea: O wow, they actually have an OVA out for this show? I actually just finished it yesterday, so this is good timing. Though the video you posted doesn't have subs :(

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Well, most of the trailers don't have subs. My teammates and I post whatever video we could find. Rarely, we find Youtube Videos that actually has a whole episode in them.

Oh, I remember you told me you were learning Japanese. Think of this as a test. :)

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