Miho Azuki

Miho Azuki is a anime/manga character in the Bakuman franchise
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Miho aspires to be a voice actor. She and Mashiro have pledged to get married after they've both achieved their dreams.


 Miho Azuki grew up a shy girl who secretly had a crush on a young artist by the name of Moritaka Mashiro. She fell in love with his art when she saw a work of art that he did for a contest on display, then saw him walking past talking to his friends about it. Years later when her school went up against his at a swim meet she met his eyes across the pool and felt a connection to him, and little did she know he was looking at her thinking the same thing. Later she went to the same middle school as him but still could never bring herself to talk to him. 


 Miho Azuki was created by the mangaka team of Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. She was meant to be designed as a character that any young guy would fall in love with. She was designed to be almost doll like, with her large eyes and pale skin, which were meant to make her seem fragile which matched her personality. She is a shy and bashful girl who never speaks up, a personality trait that plays into how she has had a crush on Mashiro for a long time and why she wouldn't want to speak with him until their dreams come true.

Major Story Arcs

A Relationship is Born

 Miho is excited about Mashiro helping her with her dreams
 Miho is excited about Mashiro helping her with her dreams
Miho is unaware that one day at school her secret crush Mashiro is drawing her. Little does she know that this will lead to a partnership between Mashiro and Akito as they discuss becoming mangakas, however before Mashiro can sign on Akito has to convince him of one thing. The two of them show up at Miho's house one day and are greeted by Miho's mother, who looks just like her. Miho comes out and Akito tells her that her friend Miyoshi has told him about Miho's secret, that she wants to be a voice actress. Miho, stunned by this, admits to it, which causes Mashiro to blurt out a marriage proposal. He asks that if he gets a manga published and it turns into an anime, if Miho does the voice acting in it will she marry him? She is stunned and runs back into the house. Mashiro thinks he blew it but she contacts them through the speaker box and agrees to it, but she says there has to be one condition, until the day comes when they're dreams become a reality, they can only talk to each other through text and emails. 
This plan becomes difficult for them to keep up when their new seating arrangement puts them right next to each other. Mashiro flatters her by drawing little cartoons on his notebook that make her laugh, however one day he asks if they really have to wait to make their dreams come true, which causes her to begin crying. She tells everyone that her pet just died and that's why she's crying, but Mashiro knows that it's because of what he said. It's then that she gives him her email address, but he's too nervous to email her, so the next day at school he just tells her that it's okay, they can wait till their dreams come true. 
Another ripple comes in their plans when Miho learns that her family will be moving away to Hachioji. Neither of them want to go and speak to the other for fear of breaking their promise, however after some prodding from Miyoshi, Mashiro finally decides to run to her. After their graduation Mashiro runs up to Miho's home just as she's arriving, and the two of them stand there, not looking at each other but not moving away. Finally after standing there for an hour and a half, Mashiro finally speaks up and asks "How long will you wait for me?" Miho starts walking away, only to finally turn back around before she goes inside and says "I'll wait forever."

Saint Visual's Girls Academy

Miho's first audition
Miho's first audition
  After she moves Miho starts looking for work to break into the voice over industry. She finally gets her first break when she is given an audition for the anime Saint Visual's Girls Academy. She wins the part and has four lines. Even though it's not much of a part she also has to learn to sing for the ending of it and even has to appear in person in the advertisements for the album. 
However things take a bad turn after this as her manager tells her that if she wants to become more popular then she must do a Photo Book. The idea of posing in sexual situations and in skimpy clothing causes her to have a breakdown, she just can't bring herself to do it but what other choice does she have? She asks Mashiro what he thinks, saying that it might be a little ecchi. Mashiro says he can't decide that for her and she must decide it for herself. She replies with "If I do, I want you to see me naked first, LOL." He thinks it's a joke at first but she then says that if he sees her like that then it doesn't matter if other people see her in a bathing suit. Mashiro panics and worries that she's depressed and tries to call her, but it's too late as she has broken down crying. 
 Miho has a breakdown
 Miho has a breakdown
Mashiro can't stand the thought of her like this and when she won't pick up the phone he leaves in the middle of making a manuscript and heads for the train station. Takagi tries to stop him since their manuscript is due the very next day. Miyoshi keeps trying to call Miho on the phone but she won't pick it up. Takagi takes the phone from Miyoshi and calls Miho's home number and her mother picks it up, then goes and delivers the phone to her daughter. Takagi tells Miho that Mashiro is leaving in the middle of working on his manuscript so that he can come to her house. Miho realizes what she's done and hangs up the phone so that she can call Mashiro again. She stops him just in time to keep him from getting on the train and tells him that she wants him to finish his manuscript. The two of them talk about the photo book and Mashiro says that he wants a photo book of her, but he doesn't want others to see it, which Miho finds flattering and says that one day they'll go to the beach and take some photos for themselves, but she won't do the photo book.

Mashiro Hospitalized

 Miho takes Mashiro's hand and helps him draw
 Miho takes Mashiro's hand and helps him draw
Miho gets a phone call from Kaya one day and finds out that Mashiro fainted from overwork due to trying to balance his new series for Shonen Jump and his high school life. She comes down to visit him in the hospital and wants to keep their promise not to see each other until their dreams come true so she sits behind the wall and talks to him from there. She tries to tell him to stop working on the series and just focus on recovering, however much to her surprise Mashiro says that he will not stop. He says that his dream is to marry her but it is also to become a popular mangaka and he will do whatever it takes to make both of those happen. Even when the Editor in Chief of Shonen Jump, Hisashi Sasaki, comes in and tells him that he's putting Mashiro's series on hiatus till he's better Mashiro keeps drawing. Miho still wants him to stop until she sees him in pain while drawing and realizes that he will do anything to make these dreams come true, and as his fiance all she can do is just support him to ease his pain. She walks over to him and grabs his hand and helps him draw. 
Mashiro keeps drawing until he gets better and leaves the hospital. As soon as this happens Miho leaves and comes back home. Mashiro's series is reinstated, however due to the hiatus he lost many of his fans and the ratings for his series begin to drop. Eventually the series is canceled and Mashiro sends Miho a test telling her about this. She tells him that she doesn't mind waiting as long as it takes, but she would like to get married before she's forty, which re-energizes Mashiro to get started on his next series.

Mashiro's Breakdown and Kaya's Wedding

 Miho keeps working to get more auditions and she ends up landing a roll doing the dub for an American Soap Opera, however things aren't going so well for Mashiro. He is working on a new gag manga that just doesn't feel right to him no matter how popular it is. One night Mashiro's rival Eiji Niizuma calls him out on national television and Mashiro breaks down. He calls up Miho and tells her that he wants to cancel his current series, but he can't. He wants to make their dreams come true, he wants to get this anime so that they can get married, but he wants to rise to Eiji's challenge, he wants to show him he's good enough. Miho thinks about it and realizes it might mean having to wait longer, but she has to support her fiance. She tells him that if she was called out by her rival she'd do whatever she could to rise to the challenge and she'd quit the series as well. With this now backing him up Mashiro now knows what to do.
A few days later Miho and Mashiro see each other again, but only across the room and don't say anything to each other. This is because Miho must come down to be the maid of honor at Kaya and Akito's marriage. As soon as the celebrations are over she leave to go home again so that she and Mashiro can keep their promises alive. 
After the wedding Mashiro and Takagi quit their series and decide that they want to work on a series about people trying to commit perfect crimes. They study this by trying to commit their own crimes without getting caught, and the first thing they attempt is they swap out a birthday present for Miho that Kaya bought with a drawing Mashiro did of Miho. When she gets the present she absolutely loves it, and she pays them back for this by sending Mashiro a cake for Christmas. Inside the cake is a flash drive that has an audio recording of Miho singing Christmas songs for him, which shows just how far she has come in her singing since that first time she had to do it for Saint Visuals Girls Academy.

Super Leader's Love Fest and Perfect Crime Party

 Mashiro to the rescue
 Mashiro to the rescue
  Miho has an audition for the anime adaptation of the popular series +Natural, it's sure to be a hit and a big stepping point in her career, however there is a problem that the series is created by Eiji Niizuma and Aiko Iwase, the rivals of Mashiro and Takagi. She goes to the audition still unsure of what she should do, even though Mashiro told her it was okay. When the time comes to actually go into the audition room she makes up her mind and tells Aiko Iwase that she will not do it, she doesn't want to be part of the show of her fiance's rival. Aiko is enraged by this but before she can strike back at her, Mashiro runs into the room and grabs her hand and runs out of there with her. As they're running away Eiji shouts out that they shouldn't worry, he'll reject her audition so that she won't get the part. 
As they're leaving she thanks him for that but says that she already turned the part down. He then realizes he's still holding her hand and nervously let's go. She says that she liked it though and hoped that they could continue to hold each others hands until she gets home. They continue to hold hands during the entire train ride and as Miho is getting off the train she says that the next time they meet they should kiss. This causes Mashiro to keep smiling for days.
Mashiro continued to work on his latest series, Perfect Crime Party, and it looked like it might just be the series that gets made into an anime. In fact it even gets a Drama CD and when asked who should play the lead female actress he instantly suggest Miho. She gets the news that they want her to be the lead actress and she is ecstatic to do it. However because the subject of the series is controversial it is unlikely that the show will go any further than just being a Drama CD. So in order to help create a new series Mashiro is inspired by the last time he and Miho met and he wants to enter the Super Leader's Love Fest with a one shot based on he and Miho's life, and she agrees to this. 

Character's Evolution

 Miho started off the series as being an overly sweet and shy girl, often being compared to a doll because of how fragile she was. In fact she was so fragile that when she was told by her agent to do some rather racy photos to get her name out there she couldn't bring herself to say "no" no matter how much she wanted to and ended up having a breakdown over it. But as she grew older she grew stronger, getting to the point where instead of always needing advice she actually started giving out the advice and being the one to give a shoulder to cry on. She even became strong enough to tell her agent and producers that she would not take rolls that she didn't want to take. Her relationship with Mashiro developed as well, at first with her being too shy to even talk to him face to face, moving eventually until she was the one suggesting their relationship being taken further.
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Saori Hayami
Stephanie Sheh
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Name: Miho Azuki
Name: 亜豆 美保
Romanji: Azuki Miho
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Bakuman. #1
1st anime episode: Bakuman. #1
1st anime movie:
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