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Set in the 23rd century, Mighty Orbots tells the story of scientist Rob Simmons and his robot companions (called Orbots), as they wage their constant battles against the evil Umbra, who seeks to control the entire universe.

In the 23rd century, the evil Umbra, ruling computer of the Shadow World, tries to conquer Earth, only to be held off by the brave agents of the Galactic Patrol. Though there are humanoid operatives, including the elfin commander Rondu and his beautiful daughter Dia, the GP's last line of defense is the Orbots, a group of android warriors created and led by human cybernetics genius Rob Simmons. Simmons rides in his Beam Car with his flustered robo-assistant, Ono-the other Orbots can function separately or combine to form a mighty superrobot (somehow suddenly 50 feet tall), comprising Tor (torso), Bolt and Crunch (left and right leg), and Bo and Boo (left and right arm). Additionally each of the robots (except Crunch, for some reason) has a special ability-strength, customizable gadgets, energy beams, and teleportation/invisibility, which the whole of the group can access in Mighty Orbot mode.

A rare case of a genuine U.S.-Japan coproduction, blown out of the water by the runaway success of Transformers and limited to a single season. With the same team's Galaxy High School, it was part of a concerted effort by TMS to break into the U.S. market in coalition with producer Fred Silverman. The inept Bolt and Crunch were added to the lineup purely for "comic" relief, though fans' most frequently asked question was why superinventor Rob built two bumbling incompetents.

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Yuji Ohno

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Name Mighty Orbots
Name: マイティ・オーボッツ
Publisher TMS Entertainment
Start Year 1984
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