Might Guy

Might Guy is a anime/manga character in the Naruto franchise
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AKA Guy Sensei, the Jounin leader of Team Guy

Might Guy is the Jounin in charge of Team Guy, which includes, Rock Lee, Neji Hyuga and Tenten


Might Guy is known for his thick black eyebrows, green jumpsuit, and shiny bowl haircut. He is very much modeled after Bruce Lee, with his fighting style and battle cries.


Guy calls himself "Konoha's Prideful Green Beast"

Guy is the self-proclaimed rival of Kakashi Hatake. Though Kakashi does not care about this rivalry which annoys Guy very much. Guy will challenge Kakashi to tests of skill and has a record of 50-49, though these challenges can be no more than rock paper scissors. Guy usually makes a punishment for himself if he loses such as having to do laps around Konoha on his hands.

Guy lives by his "My Rule" Philosophy which consists of setting tougher goals for failure so something good comes of it in the end.

Guy taught his "Nice Guy Pose" to Rock Lee, which consists of Guy giving a thumbs up, smiling and winking. 


Might Guy is the leader of team Guy, a team of ninja older than the rookie generation by a year. This team comprises Neji Hyuga, Tenten, and the prodigal Rock Lee, whom he sees himself in. He is an elite jonin, and one of the strongest ninja in the village of Konoha. He is so fond of his student Rock Lee due to his dedication to hard work and his dream of becoming a successful Ninja using only Taijutsu and basic chakra control, something Guy admired. not the least because he himself is a master of taijutsu, which makes him the most ideally suited teacher. Guy made it his goal in life from the moment he saw the amazing spirit of Rock Lee to make him the best he can be. He then teaches Lee everything he knows about taijutsu, including forbidden techniques such as the Primary Lotus and the celestial gates, both of which damage the users body, possibly even to lethal levels. Guy shares a very strong relationship with Rock Lee, to the point where they appear as father and son, prompting fan speculation on the matter. The likely case is however, that Rock lee admired Guy so much that he has modelled his own life on him. Wearing the same style clothing, and cutting his hair in the same style. They share a healthy relationship, both believeing in the 'power of youth' and hard work.

Guy's speciality is his outstanding taijutsu, which focuses on the Iron Fist technique. However, unlike his student, he can also use Nin and genutsu, though rarely does so, as his taijutsu is so strong and feared, that even Akatsuki such as Itachi Uchiha have heard of him and consider him a threat. Though he possesses ninjutsu and genjutsu he just simply doesn't use them unless the situation demands it.

He has only used ninjutsu a small number of times.

It is known that he has signed a contract with the Tortoise, as he summoned one at his first appearance in Natuto. This Tortoise is named Nin Kame.

He also possesses fire natured Chakra, displaying an extremely powerful fire ninja technique called Morning Peacock, which was sufficient to destroy a 30% Kisame clone in a single blast.

He is one of only three ninja known who possess the ability to open the Eight Celestial Gates, which empowers the body far beyond human norms in such areas as speed, healing and strength.  However this technique is generally forbidden, as it is a double edged sword: the user actively harms themselves by using them.  At even Genin level, the user can temporarily achieve power that surpases even the strongest ninja: the hokage for small amounts of time even if they are much weaker (and if they are as strong, the levels would be even higher) however if all eight gates open to achieve this power level, the user will die. 

Guy also possesses a friendly rivalry with the Copy Ninja Kakashi, and they are always at an even number of wins / losses against each other at any one tie.  Though Guy takes this rivalry very seriously, Kakashi does not.
It is through this rivalry that Guy displays that he is the only ninja who has created a fighting style that can counter the sharingan, which involves predicting body movement through staring at the opponents feet.
It enabled him to save the lives of his fellow elite jounin in a battle in which even Kakashi failed.


Fighting Style & Techniques

Guy is a master of taijutsu and trains Rock Lee in this form of fighting (although he does know other forms of ninjutsu but since Rock cannot use them, Guy doesn't show them to him). He and Rock will train their physical bodies to their limits to become a better shinobi.

Guy uses the Strong Fist Taijutsu which focuses on creating external damage.

Guy can use the Eight Inner Gates Technique which consists of opening up inner chakra gates to make on faster and stronger. Guy has been seen opening up to the 6th gate.

Guy has also invented a technique to use agains Sharingan users. Since a Sharingan user, uses their eyes against yours, Guy's technique is to only look at his opponents feet to predict their movements. Although he has also taught Kakashi this technique, he is the only one to have mastered it. Dangerous ninjas like Itachi have warned Kisame not to underestimate Guy. 

Eight Gates

They are eight important chakra points in the body. This is what limits the chakra in your body. So if you use it you have limits. After you use this it makes your body weaker. If you uses this you can pass the normal physical standards, but have extreme pain to the body. Rock Lee is one who can open open the 5 gates only for now. Might Guy, the one who even taught Lee about this, can open 6. Kakashi Hatake can only open 1, this is proven because while he was rock climbing it shows in his brain the first gate activating.

The First Gate

This gate is called the Gate of Opening, this frees the brain limit on all the strains and muscles, giving the user 5 times more speed and strength.

The Second Gate

This is called the Gate of Rest, you release the brain limit on your stamina, If the user was exhausted and ready to quit in an instant he would want to fight like the fight didn't even start yet.

The Third Gate

This is called the Gate of Life, this gate is in your spinal cord, and frees the limit to your nervous system through out your body. This makes information faster and builds more stamina. The side-effect of this is your body's skin will turn red because your building your blood-oxygen rate.

The Fourth Gate

This gate is called the Gate of Pain, It releases the limit oxygen going to your lungs, making more oxygen for the users body to use.

The Fifth Gate

This gate is called the Gate of Closing, this frees the amount of chakra you can use in one attack, this allows you to move the speed of sound.

The Sixth Gate

This gate is called the Gate of Joy, this takes away the amount of fat and protein your body can digest. And releasing useless energy resources giving the person more power and more stamina.

The Seventh Gate

This gate is called the Gate of Shock, this takes away the amount your body can move, it takes away your dead skin cells to fences and refresh your system making your body more power and more stamina.

The Eighth Gate

This gate is called the Gate of Death, this is the last gate, it is at the heart and uses your whole body's energy, it makes your heart pump at its fullest speed and passes all the 1-7 gates. It uses every cell in your body. There is side-effect of this called the Big Bang it kills every muscle in the body and the heart. It's a certified death on the user if the Gate of Death is ever opened.
Used by:Lee & Might Guy & Kakashi

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Masashi Ebara
Henry Douglas Grey
Rank Game #669 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Might Guy
Name: マイト・ガイ
Romanji: Maito Gai
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Naruto #5
1st anime episode: Naruto #22
1st anime movie:
Aliases Maito Gai
Gai Sensei
Mighty Guy
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