Mifune is a anime/manga character in the Soul Eater franchise
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Mifune is a supporting character in Soul Eater, normally playing the part of a villian. He is a "strong soul" samurai who has a love for children.


The samurai known as Mifune first appears in the 2nd episode and volume of Soul Eater. In the episode, Black Star was after Mifune for his soul (which is considered a "strong soul", a soul worth 99 regular souls), and the soul of the witch Angela. Mifune accepted the battle with Black Star, but lost, as he refused ot go all out against a child. Before the final blow, however, the child witch Angela comes out to protect Mifune, and Black Star left, claiming that it would be "small" of him to kill a kid.

It is revealed later in the anime/manga that Mifune befriended Angela earlier in his life. He had used to be a bodyguard for the mafia boss Marlon, doing whatever he was paid to do. One day, Mifune was sent to kill a witch that a rival of Marlon's had secured. Upon arriving, Mifune discovered that the witch he had been sent to kill was but a child. Instead of fulfilling his duty, he "kidnapped" Angela, and hid himself away in order to protect her.

When the Arachnaphobia organization was formed, Mifune was recruited as a bodyguard under the condition that Arachnaphobia provide protection for Angela. He states that he needs Arachnaphobia to rule so that a world could be created in which Angela could live in peace. While being a body guard for Arachnaphobia, Mifune met Black Star once more, and fought him without holding back (he had no choice as Mosquito was threatening him with Angela's protection). He ultimately defeated Black Star, but did not kill him. Rather, he gave Black Star a piece of candy to give to the injured Maka.

During the fight for the Demon Tool BREW, Mifune was caught in a struggle with Shibusen's espionage expert, Sid Barett. While Mifune appeared slightly more powerful in the battle, both parties ended up severely wounded, and opted to leave one another alive once the order to retreat was given.


Mifune is a samurai who uses multiple swords. The number of swords he uses is in the upwards of 100 (per sword case. He uses two cases in the battle for BREW). This style "Infinite Sword' provides him with extreme versatility in both offense and defense. It also provides an intense level of unpredictability.

Mifune is mostly known for his love of children. He has given up any life he had for the child witch Angela, and refuses to fight all-out against other children. In the second battle with Star, Black Star comments that Mifune should be a teacher at Shibusen. This causes Mifune to hesitate for a second, as he considers the possibility of teaching kids (he imagines lots of children around him calling him "Mifune sensei").


Mifune's name comes from the famed Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune, who played multiple samurai roles.
Voiced by
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Kenjiro Tsuda
Robert McCollum
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Name: Mifune
Romanji: Mifune
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Soul Eater #1
1st anime episode: Soul Eater #2
1st anime movie:
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