Midora is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Midora is the Leader of the Bishokukai, one of the three diciples of the Gourmet God Acacia and the main antagonist of the series.


Midora's past was a rough one. He was born during the Gourmet War over six hundred years before the main story. So valuable was food at that time, that some countries had resorted to feeding live human infants as feed for livestock. Midora was such a child. However he was a rare case. He was born with Gourmet Cells and had a predator's demeanor even as an infant. As such, the livestock would not feed on Midora, in fact quite the opposite was true. Midora was suckled by the beasts. As Midora grew, he adopted the idea that he must eat as much as possible at any given time and that he was never to share his food with anyone else. However, eventually the food crisis of the Gourmet War got to such a bad level, that Midora was unable to find any food. His lack of nutrition caught up to Midora and he collapsed from starvation. But as he was dying, he was happened upon by Frohze, who would later become known as God of Chef's Frozhe, partner to Acacia the discoverer of Gourmet Cells and Founder of the Gourmet Age. Midora awoke and found himself in a bed, probably for the first time in his life. There preparing a feast of a meal for him was his rescuer Frozhe, who kindly invited him to eat as much as he chose. It was the first time Midora had been offered food before and the first hot food he was ever to taste.

A short time later, Midora is shown with Frohze, seemingly enjoying living with her, when Frohze spots Acacia, Ichiryuu and Jirou arriving. Having never seen them before, Midora's wild instincts kick in and he rushes to attack. He attacks Jirou, who easily dodges his attacks and knocks him, forcing him to stay stationary. Frozhe welcomes the trio home and explains to them the situation about Midora, who have no issue with Midora living with them. Acacia then introduces himself to Midora and immediately, Midora recognized him to be a kind person like Frohze. Jirou also introduces himself as the second son of the family as well as Ichiryuu, the first son. Acacia personally gives Midora his name who was nameless up to that point. Eventually, Acacia starts bringing Midora along with himself and the elder two sons on their adventures to acquire ingredients. There, Midora gains some training as well as knowledge about many different kinds of beasts. Frohze also takes Midora along with her to distribute free boxed meals to the populace, which Midora still did not approve of. Some time passes and Midora appears to be a young man at this point. Acacia says that it is time for he and Frohze to go to prepare a certain ingredient and that only they were to go.

Shortly after, Acacia returns but with a sickly weak Frohze. Devastated, Midora asked what had happened. Frohze explained that she just used too much energy in preparing a "certain" ingredient but that she would be ok. Horribly worried, Midora told Frohze he would retrieve some cure water for her, which was a special water with miraculous healing properties Acacia had told him about once. Midora returned with the cure water but with wounds so great that he collapsed before Frohze. Fearing Midora's life was in even greater danger, Frohze resorted to using the legendary God Cooking technique. Despite the immense stress on her body, Frohze prepared a special dish that recovered Midora's health all at once. However she had pushed her body too far and she died as a result of saving Midora, in an ironic twist of fate. Despite Acacia trying to comfort all of his adoptive sons, the trauma of losing Frohze was too much for Midora's unstable mind and shorty after, he bagan searching for a way to revive Frohze from the dead, against the wishes of Acacia. Ichiryuu confronted Midora about trying to revive Frohze. Midora did not deny that those were his intentions. Despite Ichiryuu warning Midora that he would stop him if he continued to try, Midora refused to listen and the two formerly close brothers do battle. Ichiryuu defeated Midora and intended to kill him but he could not bring himself to do it.


Midora is created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi as one of the premier antagonists in the series Toriko.



Midora is a tall and very muscular man. He has a very full head of near body lengths black hair and a three point brown beard. He has three diagonally vertical scars underneath both of his eyes. According to Acacia, these are likely derived from Midora's Gourmet Genetics (being born with Gourmet Cells.


Midora is a stern man with rather selfish goals. He does not believe that the human race as a whole is worth existing and as such, he does not care if most of the world starves so that he might feast. Indeed, he single handed laid waste to the Human world and drastically damaged the food supply, causing billions to struggle for food. He also does not care about the lives of the beasts he devours. According to Midora himself, everything is food to him.

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Midora's relationship with his older brother was initially a good one back when they were young, but after the death of Fhroze, Midora's heart sank into darkness. Coupled with his already wild nature, he became apathetic towards most of the world, seemingly only caring about himself and his memory of Fhroze. Nevertheless, in their final bout, not only did Ichiryuu hold back to the point of deliberate loss, but Midora in turn spared Ichiryuu's life, showing that he did indeed still have feelings for his brother.

Here are some of Midora's minor relationships:

  • Jirou - Not much is known about Midora's current relationship with Jirou, but when the two were young they had a sort of friendly brotherly rivalry.
  • Setsuno - Similarly little is known, but Setsuno clearly shows displeasure at Midora, repeatedly calling him an idiot to Alfaro, Midora's waiter.
  • Starjun - Midora seems to acknowledge Starjun's great strength and told him he did a fine job in his mission to acquire Komatsu when all of his other subordinates failed, and he told Starjun not to be ashamed of the failure of the entire team as he did not fail.
  • Alfaro - Alfaro is Midora's waiter and the relationship does not seem to be a close one. Nevertheless, Alfaro himself seems to have the utmost respect and loyalty for Midora.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc

After most of the events of the Century Soup arc, Midora makes an appearance towards the end. Alfaro, Midora's waiter, delivers the famed Century soup to him. Midora eats the soup and his Gourmet Cells responded positively, however he was not at all fazed by the magnificent flavor and did not have the typical response of an uncontrolled smile, surprising Alfaro. Midora instructed Alfaro to distribute the Century Soup among the rest of the Bishokukai so that they too might receive a power boost from consuming it. Saying this, Midora begins to vanish, telling Alfaro that from that point onwards, they would direct their focus on the ingredients of the Gourmet World.

Meteor Garlic Arc

Ichiryuu, president of the IGO, and shortly after revealed to be Midora's older foster brother, arrived at the Bishokukai Headquarters in the Gourmet World. Midora instructed Alfaro to let him pass as he was too powerful for the lot of them combined to stop. Midora himself came face to face with his brother, who invited him to share a meal with him. Midora refused point blank and also refused to share the legendary ingredient of Acacia's Full Course, GOD with Ichiryuu and said that someday, he would consume the ingredient by himself and only for himself. Ichiryuu began to leave but before he did he threatened the members of the Bishokukai, saying he wouldn't be so nice for the next time they meet, and he released his intimidation aura, startling all present except Midora, who in turn began to glow and vanished from sight, also startling his men.

Shokurin Temple Arc

Midora is only seen briefly in this arc. He is shown to be eating a massive feast with a giant heap of bones and scraps beside him. He also was anticipating Ichiryuu's arrival, wondering if he would come.

Cooking Festival Arc

Midora's Meteor Spice technique interrupts and disrupts the entire Cooking Island battle that had been raging on and indeed, the entirety of Human World. A flash back then takes place, showing how this came about. Over in Gourmet World, Ichiryuu and the members of his 0th Biotope are scattered throughout Gourmet World attempting to retrieve all the ingredients of Acacia's full course. Midora makes his first appearance, riding atop his Ocpald beast, bringing with him other menacing creatures. Ichiryuu leaves those to Melk the First and Atashino, members of the 0th Biotope and tells Midora that they should change the location that they were to fight in. Ichiryuu then takes to the skies like a rocket, rising above the clouds. Midora in turn via his Ocpald beast follows. Once Midora is above the clouds, the Stray Islands, which are islands floating in the sky are seen. This is where Ichiryuu designated their fight would take place. Midora agrees but not before Ichiryuu fought the beasts that were present, including his Capture level 620 Ocpald. Ichiryuu effortlessly restrains all 3 giant beasts via his Chopstick weapons. Seemingly disappointed in the beasts, Midora personally shreds all three beasts to nothing, showing his Hungry Tongue technique for the first time. Midora and Ichiryuu exchange insults and Midora claims that the the spices of hatred would fall upon Human world when they were done, and then the fight commenced. Midora begins by using his Hungry Tongue technique, blasting holes in the islands and destroying the landscape as Ichiryuu evaded all of his attacks. Ichiryuu seems initially to have the upper hand, landing blown on Midora with his chopsticks and Midora failing to strike Ichiryuu with his Hungry Tongue.

Eventually Ichiryuu uses his Minority World technique, a power that allows Ichiryuu to manipulate atoms. The very structure of the ground they stood on began to change and soon after, changes in Midora's own body began to occur. The affects were so drastic that even without moving, Midora's coordination was distorted to the point that he couldn't hit a stationary Ichiryuu. Ichiryuu told Midora to wait for him in the afterlife and that soon he would be joining him there. Creating an extra large chopstick technique, Ichiryuu attacks, only to find his technique broken and whole sections of his body missing. Midora had countered the minority world by piercing his own heart, an action that would ordinarily lead to death but since Ichiryuu was reversing all the majorities and minorities in Midora's body, death had become the majority and life the minority. In order to counter this, Midora crushed his own heart to turn the majority of death into the minority. Simultaneously he used his Hungry Space technique, a power that creates invisible voids that consume everything. The battle continues, both men releasing their power. So great was their combined aura that the legendary "Emperor Ring" was formed. It is caused by the power of to immensely powerful beings facing off against one another and the result is a field of gravity that is strong enough to supersede the gravity of the planet. They were literally drawing in giant beasts towards them which resulted in death for the unfortunate beasts. The two men continued unleashing their attacks, however Ichiryuu noticed that his Minority World was having less and less effectiveness. He knew this was due to Midora's natural born talent of copying and adopting techniques that he saw. The scene then switches a flashback and showing us the origin's of Midora and his relationship to Ichiryuu and his other family. The scene jumps back the the current time and Midora and Ichiryuu continue their battle. At this point Midora had the upper hand, adapting to Ichiryuu's Minority World technique. Ichiryuu then uses Minority World upon himself, healing his wounds in the process. Even so, Midora's Hungry space continued to remove even larger portions of Ichiryuu's body.

Realizing that offense was his best chance, Ichiryuu unleashed a tremendously powerful technique, visually harming Midora, however Midora's immensely durable body survived the attack and Midora resorted to his blending power, which completely erased his presence. Using that, Midora moved behind Ichiryuu and delivered a horrendous blow to Ichiryuu's body, removing nearly all of the latter's torso. Ichiryuu finally collapses to the ground. Ichiryuu says that it was sad but he had wanted to eat at the same table with Midora and Jirou one more time before his death. Literally crying at this point, Midora delivers what was seemingly the final blow and unleashed his Meteor Spice upon the Human World. But it is shown that Midora could not deliver the death blow. Midora begins to leave but Ichiryuu says he needs to tell Midora one thing. It was that the true enemy to them both were the notorious Blue Nitro, who unbeknownst to everyone but Ichiryuu himself, was in collusion with the Acacia all along. According to Acacia himself, the Blue Nitro were invincible. Just as Ichiryuu was revealing this, he is cut off by the abrupt arrival of a Blue Nitro in the flesh, who crushes Ichiryuu with it's foot, presumably killing him. Midora believed it wished to consume Ichiryuu to gain the power of his Gourmet Cells. Infuriated, Midora releases his intimidation aura and activated his Hungry Space technique, however the Blue Nitro vanished, avoiding Midora's net of invisible Hungry Space as it did so. Midora is next seen returning to his headquarters and immediately orders that a meal be started.

Powers & Abilities

Hunting Method

Hungry Tongue - Midora's main ability seems to be his super-humanly powerful tongue. It is capable of reaching immense lengths, sizes and even multiplying itself. It is so strong that one strike from it ripped one of the Stray islands in half. Another strike smashed cleanly through to the bottom of an island. Another strike was powerful enough to completely obliterate three Gourmet world creatures at once, the strongest of which had a capture level of 620. It is also immensely fast, sometimes moving so fast that it is unseen.


Gourmet Cells - Gourmet Cells are the basis for most supernatural powers in the Toriko world, Midora being no exception. According to Acacia, Midora was born with Gourmet Cells, which is quite a rare occurrence. They provide superhuman strength, speed, durability, recovery, stamina, resistances and much more. Midora's scars underneath his eyes have been there since birth and similarly to Starjun, it is assumed they are derived from being born with Gourmet Cells.


  • Mountain Tongue - Midora enlarges his tongue to an enormous size and strikes. It was strong enough to completely overpower many of Ichiryuu's Chopsticks.
  • Tongue Shield - Midora uses his tongue as a shield when faced with an attack that would harm his already immensely durable body. He blocked Ichiryuu's chopsticks that were meant to pierce his body.
  • Machine Gun Tongue - Midora multiplies his tongue many times over, creating a flurry of the original.
  • Ibara no Shita - Midora alters his tongue to have thorn-like properties, making it spiked and more lethal than before. He uses it in a whip-like fashion.
  • Blending - Midora has the ability to alter the appearance of his body. He can blend in with the environment to such a degree that he becomes completely invisible, even to those directly in front of him. Not even Ichiryuu was able to sense Midora at all when he utilized this ability.
  • Hungry Space - An immensely powerful technique. Midora's Hungry tongue leaves a sort of invisible imprint, wherever it has been and at will, Midora can activate Hungry space. Wherever his Hungry Tongue has ever been, it consumes everything there in an instant. It is so powerful that it completely eliminates all atoms so that even the air itself in consumed. Presumably nothing of physical nature can resist this technique, not even Ichiryuu.
  • Meteor Spice - A terribly powerful technique. Midora summons the very Gourmet Cells from his body to manifest themselves outside of him. It takes on a menacing reptillian-like appearance akin to that of a monstrous turtle. When Midora howled, so did the manifestation of his Gourmet Cells and a devastating bombardment of energy (presumably appetite energy) is blasted into the sky, later to fall down to the earth leaving craters and sheer destruction in it's wake. It is such a devastating technique, that it leveled most of Human World, an area of the Toriko planet that exceeds the surface are of the earth several times over.
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Name: Midora
Name: 三虎 (ミドラ)
Romanji: Midora
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
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1st anime movie:
Aliases Boss
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