Midnight Panther

Midnight Panther is an anime series in the Midnight Panther franchise
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A Hentai series created by Yu Asagiri.


 During the interdimensional apocalypse of 1999, Kate Sinclair is killed by a dragon from a parallel world. Her biotechnician lover, David Owen, tries to restore her to life, conferring a kind of immortality on himself by continual cloning. Two centuries later, an Owen clone finally finds a way. Inspired by his muse, the exotic dancer "Panther," he combines Kate's DNA with a wildcat's. The experiment is a success, but the Kate-creature kills her former lover. Panther, however, falls in love with the new her and begins murdering humans to bring her fresh meat. A hundred years later, the aged Panther runs her own cartel of assassins, one of whom is the pretty granddaughter of the long-dead Kate. But very little of the above backstory is included in the anime, confusing the hell out of many U.S. viewers. Meanwhile . . . Only boys may rule the Blue Dragon kingdom, which is why Princess Loukish's gender is kept secret, even from Crown Prince Bad. But Bad fears that Loukish will become the royal favorite and plots to kill his "brother" anyway. Thrown from the battlements and left for dead, Loukish is found by an old witch and soon becomes part of her traveling minstrel troupe, the Pussycats. She loses all memories of her previous life and of her brother's evil deeds-he now exists only as an idolized figure in her dreams.

In fact, the Pussycats are a trio of assassins who use their musical talents as a cover. The spells woven to nurse the half-drowned Lou back to health have wrought some strange side effects. While she may look like a sexy young wench, her exposure to dragon's blood has left her with superhuman strength and virtual invulnerability-though nothing has prepared her for the shocks she will have in her next mission, which is to assassinate Prince Bad himself.


 Yu Asagiri's complex manga tale of incestuous family ties across generations is compressed into a 60-minute sword-and-sorcery sex romp. Without the long back story, viewers of the anime are instead thrown into the deep end with the story of little Lou-the titular Panther is actually the nameless, zany old crone who saves her young life. This is a pity, because MP, despite all appearances to the contrary, is not the bastard offspring of a short-lived erotic computer game, but the culmination of an artist's lifelong obsession with love, desire, and obsession itself. A terrible adaptation of a lighthearted sex-manga, unleashed upon the English-language market with little attempt to explain its origins, and an awful dub to boot. LNV
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General Information Edit
Name Midnight Panther
Name: ミッドナイトパンサー
Romaji: Middonaito Pansā
Publisher Green Bunny
Start Year 1998
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