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You’d really figure that Michiko would be so worldly at this point that she wouldn’t swoon over anybody, let alone some hair dresser’s husband; but that’s really one of the beauties of the show. When fans talk about wanting three-dimensional characters, a lot of times of times they’re really just asking for two, or perhaps 2 ½, dimensional characters. They’ll expect a cast to conform to certain archetypes (or “tropes,” as is the catch-all term these days), and they’ll criticize the show if the characters ever act out-of-character or perhaps in ways that are too-vaguely defined.

Well, that’s how real people are, right? Consistent characterizations are actually something of a conceit we accept in our shows. The third dimension of a personality kind-of has to stand in contradiction to the other two.

Here, we’ve got this gal who’s an ass-kicking, cynical sexpot on maybe six or seven occasions out of ten. On those other occasions, she’s been shown to be emotionally vulnerable, or childish about her decisions… or, in this case, rather naively romantic. And the show makes a strong case for her acting this way here simply because it’s a rainy, lazy Sunday. There’s something wonderfully observant about that.

Of course, while the characterizations might have all the complexity of reality, the show definitely isn’t afraid of taking the action to cartoonish levels. Anybody who’s ever swam will know that it takes a lot of disbelief suspension to accept the sight of anybody holding their breath, unassisted, for a dive of more than 15 feet. So I got a chortle or two out of this little girl's scuba-less riverbed exploration - - because nobody gets between a girl and her shoes!

The aquatic combat between Hatchin and the junior sea pirates was another stellar set piece in this show's ever-expanding collection. There's just something so devilish about fight and chase that amounts to a Second Grade reenactment of WATERWORLD.

Watch this episode, "The Rain That Falls in Monotone" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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